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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2694002

located in Remington Academt, a part of Magic is Might II, one of the many universes on RPG.

Remington Academt



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Character Portrait: Vincent Chang Character Portrait: Evelyn Wright Character Portrait: Ophelia Hahn Character Portrait: Leiyona Evelyn McFleirn Character Portrait: Timothy Lester Cohen Character Portrait: Nikolai Roman Character Portrait: Jupiter Kuehlem
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-----âœĻ L E I Y O N A - M C F L E I R N âœĻ
---Orenda │ #CC6600 │ Outfit │ Soundtrack

Leiyona finished her cup in no time - she'd always been a fast drinker. After taking the last sip - she passed the cup to Nikolai.

"So what horrors does my future await. Please tell me king of Divination..." Yona said and sighted in boredom, but then she heard a voice. When turning around, she noticed how Jupiter had walked up to join the two of them. "Morning" followed by "May i?". Yona nodded and smiled like an idiot, maybe a bit too enthusiastic. How lovely, they had gotten a 3rd member of the group! She did a hand gesture towards the empty chair and her face was shining like the sun.

"Of course!" she said as she moved the 3rd teacup to Jupiter. A part of her knew that Jupiters reason for joining them probably was the king of divination himself sitting there, but Yona did not mind- she was happy as could be not being alone with him! Now Nikolai would not be able to pester her as much at least...

She leaned back in her chair and raised one eyebrow when looking at Jupi, remembering how it had been fullmoon only 3 days ago. Her sharp expression was asking herself if this 3rd member of the group was in the state of "friend or foe" but she softened when Jupiter sat down. Maybe her "nurse" instinct kicked in and she leaned closer to try and see how bad the damage was this time. But since Jupiter was wearing long sleeves, it was impossible to tell.

"How are you Jupiter? No need to pretend" she said with a soft tone and her worried wrinkles in her forehead had once again appeared. Waiting for Jupis answer, she also waited for them to finish their tea. Leiyona had passed her cup to Nikolai and he was supposed to pass his to Jupiter and Jupi hers to Yona.



---Fawkes │ #264D00 │ Outfit │ Soundtrack


Timothy just kept smiling, with a silent "i bet you will" as response for Vince's answer. He knew his friend was well capable off taking down the levau assholes without damaging or moving his hat as much as an inch. Timothy on the other hand was the opposite- he would normally just let them beat him up beyond recognition -except for that stubborn grin ofc, which never seemed to go away.. Listening to the second half of Vince's "good morning chit chat" made Timothy tilt his head to the side. He'd always been very transparent in his facial expressions. Right now the slightly open mouth and lingering (thinking hard) dark eyes told the spectators that Tim had no clue what Vince whas talking about.

"Who's Hugo?" Then finally a flash of his perfume bottle was seen while searching his past memories. Timothy grabbed the sleeve of his grey knitted cardigan and sniffed it a few times - like the fragrance would trigger anything. "Ooh right.. thank you.. i guess" a voice that sounded a bit distant as Tim continued his trip down memory lane.

The perfume had actually been a gift from his parents, in one of their many attempts to buy his forgiveness and get rid of the guilt they feel for "abandoning" their son. Normally, Tim never used his parents gifts - most of the time being fancy clothes, expensive watches and so on. But when it came to perfumes, his mother did have a better taste than himself (he was completely lost when it came to that kind of stuff, probably just ending up buying the closest bottle and then smelling like an old Troll)...

When returning to reality Tim noticed how the class was about to start. The graded test was lying in front of him on the desk, and there was also a teapot and some cups. Apparently tasseography was on the schedule. When turning over, Tim confirmed what he already knew. He'd passed with flying colors in some mysterious way - like always. Even tho he wasn't one of the top students - he seemed to have the "gift" of divination. Quite unexpected for a big goofy dude, but then - he did have his head in the clouds most of the time.

The groups started to form and Tim sat in silence and anticipation - watching how Chase left their group and joined Torrence and Max. Tim hated this kind of tasks - forming groups by own choice. Something that often ment he was left out alone because no one wanted to team up with the wierdo. When Dom left for Kieran and Helena - Tim looked down with an apathic expression. Vince, Flowergirl and Ophelia was surely going to group and Tim would be the leftovers. That was what he thought, until her voice sounded.

"I guess that leaves us." Tim watched with big eyes as she took a 4th cup from an empty table and brought it to theirs. "We can just be a four, right?". His shoulders sank probably an inch in relief, but then he felt as how his heart skipped a beat. He was in the same group as Fee and Flowergirl! Ophelia who made him shy and Flowergirl who seemed to avoid him. But then.. She had given him a smile this morning! Maybe Flowergirl was generous today... Even so - thank god Vince was there to protect him from the scary girls.

"Ooh, hot. Hothothothothot..." Tim was fast to look up when hearing the words, and watched as Ophelia winced in pain over the hot teapot. His mouth tensed up in a narrow line and he looked quite annoyed rather than worried. Thinking he should have done it instead of her... it was not like he felt any pain, but even if he did - he would not hesitate to take it upon himself instead of Ophelia. Thankfully Evelyn seemed to tend for her hand at least... "Next time... Just let me do the hot teacup thing" he mumbled quiet. Not that he was angry or anything (even tho he might have sounded like it)..