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Snippet #2695473

located in Edo Period, a part of F I V E: chapter one., one of the many universes on RPG.

Edo Period

Welcome to Kyoto!


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Character Portrait: Moon Chika (Chi) Character Portrait: Yottsu Oshiro Character Portrait: Amaterasu Character Portrait: Shiori Kita Character Portrait: Reiki Katsuta Character Portrait: Watashi Akira
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☽ ` * Moon * ` ☾

The young swordstress isquick to wave off his playful flirting though nonetheless a gentle smile appears on her face only for a split second. Chi indeed enjoyed these types of moments with the man but at this time-- he seemed off. The usual energetic man had a dull tone to his voice that she was about to comment on till he speaks up once more.

"I do not see how you would ruin the mood.. but alright, Yon. As you wish." One could easily hear the frown and disapproval in her tone but she lets the man go. Shaking her head with a chime like laugh at his little exit comment. Perhaps he will change his mind a bit later. It's that thought that makes Chika let out a silent sigh, standing gracefully from her perch only to be faced with Watashi.

"Well Moon, after seeing that beautiful man naked I am sure you are starving... Here take my food, I can go plate up another. We can dine together out here in nature. I don't particularly want to bother Reiki and Ama, they seem to be having some very enticing conversation."

Ah, honestly. She couldn't hide her soft smile this time around, taking the bowl from the mans hands before she sits once again. "Ah, I wouldn't quite say it depleted any energy of mine." An amused pitch takes to her tone as she begins to eat along side the other. Her big brother, honestly. That's how she viewed him, the only one who could make her drop her motherly tendencies. Just as she's about to dig into another bite a chill goes up her spine and that indicated only one thing. One such arrival- the arrival of their new mission. How lovely. Hm...

"Watashi... do you.. suspect something a bit different about the air this evening." The words are spoken like wind chimes, hushed as she looks up at the other from beneath her lashes. Her lips presses to the rim of her tea cup as she does so, sipping at her tea between bites. No matter the answer they all knew the same. Something seemed to be amiss lately in the kingdom and if anyone were to detect slight changes it would be the FIVE. A sigh--

Chika finishes up a few more bites, leaving a bit more but suddenly losing interest in eating. They clearly had more dire things to attend to. Beckoning Watashi to follow her with a wave of her slender and pale finger she steps lightly into the kitchen to join the others.

"Good morning, Kita. Please, do indulge in some of Ama's fine cooking. Though.. i'm sure you are not just here for our fine hospitality. Not to rush but, may you state what.. mission our.. leaders decided to bestow on us." Chika is well aware that she seemed to be rushing things a bit more than usual but truly she wanted to get the mission over with and soon as possible. Her gut feeling never proved to be wrong yet. Her Katana felt especially heavy on her hips today.