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I enjoyed the embrace of my son and Atlas and when it ended and Atlas started to talk to Ajax, I felt my eyes lowered themselves in sadness but quietly looked up in surprised at Ajax's answer before I smiled softly and proudly. For one so young to look up to his parents to help others, comforted me in giving me a sense that perhaps, I did raise my son right so far. I watched Atlas and Ajax quietly and when Ajax held out his hand to Atlas, my eyes turned to Atlas and I smiled as they gripped forearms. Even though Atlas made this promise to Ajax, I wanted to make sure that this promise will not be broken. I looked back at Ajax and I kissed his forehead gently before I stood up. "Be good. And do not cause Sabrina any trouble. Pantheon will report everything to me when I get back so, be on your best behavior." I said with a wink before I tucked his braid behind his ear and cupped his cheek in my hand, looking into his eyes and smiling softly before I turned and walked out of the room. I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. I could feel tears trying to cloud my eyes but I force them back and made my way to the kitchen. I gather the bag of food and supplies then I waited on Atlas. We were going to need to use the linking shrine. When Atlas caught up with me, I glared lightly into his eyes and my voice could be heard in his mind. I do not mind your broken promises to me but should you break any promise to our son, it would be hard for me to forgive you. If I fall in this life, you WILL fight to live, not for my sake, but for our son's sake. We both know what it is like to lose our mothers and not have a father. Let's not let our son experience what we had. I closed my eyes and I looked away from Atlas. "Let us begin our journey, once again." I said before I started making my way down the halls and towards the linking shrine.