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located in Tokyo, Japan, a part of World of the Immortals, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Character Portrait: Katherine Vidali
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Within a seemingly normal mansion early morning seeped through the white curtains onto a large bed with the person whom was sleeping in it had the covers over their head as if trying to hide from the light. Like clockwork when it hit nine o' clock on the dot in came three maids. "Good Morning Princess, it's time to wake up." They said in unison. A grumble was the response given to them before after another moment Katherine sat up pulling the covers off herself. "Good morning Nina, Maya, and Josie." Katherine greeted each of them as she stood. One maid went over to her bed to make it, while one went to her closet and the third had opened the curtains.

Truly Katherine would've been the one to do such things but each of the maids insisted on doing it and so Katherine, tired of their relentlessness to serve, let them be. By the time Katherine had finished her daily hygienic routine, one maid had picked out the princess' attire for that day that Katherine had changed into. The other maid had did her hair up in curls. Truly a girl her age and in the twenty-first century wouldn't be dressing such a way without a reason but today was different than other days for Katherine. Her uncle, from their homeland in Italy, had sent yet another suitor for Katherine. Though she was unsure of her other siblings having to face a similar occurrence she wasn't excited about it. For now she had to be more than just presentable and make a good first impression but Katherine would be doing the exact opposite. The vampire princess would bolt as soon as the opportunity presented itself. For now here she was, simply envisioning her 'escape' plan.

Out of habit, Katherine twirled the ring on her index finger, the same one her mother had made for her to protect her from the sunlight. Her siblings had a similar piece of jewelry as well and if they were to take it off now the sun would burn them to a crisp but truly it had been a very long time since Katherine ever felt that sensation. Once she was deemed ready she walked out of her room with the maids and as soon as they turned the corner Katherine turned the opposite direction and ran to a flight of stairs not too far before heading into the kitchen where the chefs were preparing breakfast for everyone."Princess, running out to the field again?" one female chef asked a knowing smirk gracing her pale features. Katherine giggled and continued running. "Of course Emily. See you all later." she waved to all of them before running out through another door.

Anyone who didn't live there or had only been at the mansion once would probably get lost within minutes. Katherine has mastered evading the suitors that came to the manor on a regular basis. Said girl had quickly made it to the gardens and through the nearby gate which finally led to where she had intended on going. Out in the large open field of the Vidali mansion, within moments the seemingly young woman ran off into the direction of the maze within their luscious, green garden. Off the distance she could hear one of the maids yelling. "Princess, where are you running off to this time?" the maid figured she wouldn't get a response as this was an ordinary thing for the girl to do. As planned she had spent around an hour and a half evading the mystery suitor until they grew impatient and left. Katherine decided to come back soon after just in time for breakfast to be served for her and the rest of the members of the manor.