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The sun's early morning rays were just beginning to chase away the dark when Dante first opened his eyes, he lay still for a few moments ensuring his control was still in place. It had taken centuries but he had finally learned how to be lucid whilst dreaming, for some this was simply a curiosity but for him it was a necessity. People felt emotion even when dreaming and had no control of their feelings when caught in the throes of a nightmare or passionate dream. He couldn't allow that to happen to him, it was far too dangerous and so he remained in control even in dreams. It left him feeling dissatisfied but that was better than the alternative. Sensing that he was still in control he rose from the bed, ignoring the urge to slip back between the dark grey sheets and and sleep some more. Instead he began his morning routine, one which he never wavered from as he helped him keep his mind focused and his body under his command. First he performed the slow graceful movements of his meditative martial arts, he had perfected it over the years and now easily fell into the calm and peace of the movements.

Once finished he padded over to his en suite bathroom and stepped into his walk in shower. As the warm water cascaded over him he closed his eyes and allowed himself to feel the emotions of those around him. He felt the various feelings of the multitude of servants and guards going about their daily lives. Some cheerful, others resenting having to work that day and some focused on their task, all was normal and he ignored them. The red-orange tones of frustration and impatience told him that another suitor had been spurned and it was not long before he found the yellow and orange of Katherine's frustration and determination and he smiled slightly. He dried himself and then dressed in a formal suit charcoal grey in colour with silver cuff pins and a black silk shirt, his thick wavy hair was drying rapidly and had already begun to curl at then ends.

He was just about to smooth over some ruffled feathers when a spike of emotion caught his attention. Though he wasn't there he could guess what had happened. Victoria never did have much patience for fools, and this latest suitor clearly had been a fool. Perhaps uncle was getting desperate, Katherine had after all turned down quite a few by this point. He remembered many of his own leaving empty handed but that had stopped when Dante had made it clear he was not going to play anymore. Though he could have married for political reasons he could never marry for love, hell he couldn't even have a relationship with a woman for fear of his own abilities, and he was damned if he was going to be stuck in a loveless marriage for an over ambitious relative.

Pushing those thoughts from his mind he whistled and his Irish Wolfhound Luna yawned and climbed to her feet, at only a year old she was not yet full grown but already reached his hips. many thought it odd that he had chosen such an animal for companionship but he found her simplistic emotions soothing and was rarely seen without her. He scratched her behind the ears. "Come on girl, let's go and see what trouble everyone has gotten into."

He opened the door and nodded to the man standing outside, David returned the nod before glancing down as Luna nudged his leg and licked his hand. With a long suffering sigh he patted the dog once before turning back to Dante.

"Good morning sir, I trust you slept well." David's British accent was unmistakable as was his impeccable attire, and Dante smiled briefly. it was a cool polite smile not reaching his eyes but David seemed unperturbed by the lack of response. He had spent too long working for him to be upset by his distant manner.

"I did thankyou, Katherine's latest suitor has gone?"

David frowned distastefully. "The gentleman was escorted off the premises sir, I don't believe we will see him again."

"Indeed I hope not, hmmm I think it might be time to have a word with uncle. Katherine is clearly not interested in any of the men being sent here and him pushing the matter will only make things worse. Schedule a conference call to Italy for tonight."

David nodded and made notes on his ever present clipboard, they had reached the breakfast room and David bowed before leaving. Dante saw that both her sisters were there but not their brother but that was hardly surprising.

"Good morning." He said coolly seating himself and looking at them both with dark brown eyes that were as cold as winter frost.