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â™Ģ Make It Rain â™Ģ
'My soul huh? Aw I'm touched. And here I thought your only interest was in my body." Aidan smirked at Katherine calling herself a demon. He glanced around, and saw some of the strange looks they were getting from the servants around them, and the looks Katherine was giving the staff. He gave them an apologetic look. "Though I wouldn't call ya a demon. You don't nearly have the superior sense of humor of Prim-de-la-Prim. She appreciates my jokes!" He chuckled. "Though I suppose you aren't that bad, for a half-pint." He teased with a beaming smile.

Once inside the dining hall Katherine began to make herself more comfortable. At her attempts to push him away, as usual. Not that he ever let's her of course. He let out a loud, and exaggerated sigh followed by an equally exaggerated eye roll. "Hmmm.....And leave you without my winning personality, and wonderful smile? Perish the thought your highness! Or should it be......kek......your shortness?!" He followed with a small bit of laughter that ended with a snort. He cleared his throat, and regained his composure. "Admit it, you'd be bored without me. I make your day." He said, and then he playfully ruffled her hair.

Aidan quickly turned into fog before she could do any sort of retaliation, and slinked lowly on the ground across the room. He reformed into a solid mass next to a empty chair near the head of the table. He pulled it out, and motioned for her to seat down. He turned around to face the other royals, and their bodyguards. "Mornin'!" He greeted casually. "So I take it the suitor left huh? How long did this one stay? I had two hours in the pool. How long did you have Dracy?" As he mentioned the pool there were a few servants and guards that visibly grew nervous.

"I guess you could say he wasn't....SUITed for her!" He chuckled slightly. "Sorry, I would've done something, but you how stubborn Kathy here gets. And how antisocial she is." He said as he pointed back at Katherine with his thumb. He then looked between all the royals and their bodyguards. "Well, I'm thinking I'm talking to the wrong crowd about about being social." He chuckled. "Ah well, I'll get those sticks out cha butts some day. In the mean time I'll just have to chip away at you all one amazing joke at a time." He smirked.

"So Dantay, your a dog man right?" He asked with a smile creeping up. "Is every dog you own technically a bloodhound?" He followed with a chuckle that ended in a snort.