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Dante held himself very still when his personal guard bent her head close to his, he fought the urge to turn his head the mere fraction he'd need for their hair to touch. He did not understand why but he had to work that much harder at controlling his feelings when she was around him. It wasn't as if they shared a particularly close emotional relationship as she displayed as little emotion as he did most of the time and yet whenever he was around her he felt...more of everything. He could have simply had her re assigned and have another guard take her place but he chose not to do so. It would make things easier for him but he found that he could not imagine his life without her at his side.

To distract himself from his thoughts he focused his attention on his family and their personal guard, Katherine was not happy no matter how much she smiled.

"Good morning Katherine." He said in his usual calm tones. "I hear that another of uncle's men left disappointed. I will speak with him this evening and try and convince him to cease his attempts. We all know that the Vidali name must continue but I do not understand his rush. You will meet someone one day whom you will choose to share your life with but until then he will have to learn patience."

He then turned to look at Victoria. "Thank you Victoria for dealing with things this morning, though you know that you could have had my assistance if you had needed it."