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located in Darwin, a part of Syzygy, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Celeste Character Portrait: Kitra Vacivus
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❝Truth and lies and everything is reborn.❞

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|| Manic || Plumb ||

A whole new adventure was about to unfold, an adventure just for the two of them alone. To get to travel the wide open ocean in search for land beyond their borders, it was something no one had ever managed to really do before. For all they knew the main continent was the only one in this realm, for all they knew there wasn't even another continent and they wold just end up looping around and ending up back at Ebisu, in the eternal blizzard. "Let's do our best to find foreign lands!" Kitra declared when Celeste suddenly brought up a strange and funny point. "I wouldn't have black hair and I certainly wouldn't have these extra limbs of mine." She giggled then, trying to imagine it. "Everything would be so different, being born a servant to your family."

And so the two girls and all of their packed things, clothes, books, food, pills, everything they could ever need, even their two legendary weapons, Refinleif the Lightning Spear and Nethera, the light and darkness scythe, were brought along with them because you never knew when you'd need the extra help of a large sharp pointy stick. "We won't miss her baby's birth." Kitra smiled and snuggled next to Celeste as she started up the yacht according to what was written on for them. The controls weren't complex at all, Kitra very easily picked up on it. "According to the note, it's powered by electricity so we don't need to bring batteries, I just need to put my finger in here."

So Kitra inserted her finger into the entry plug and let it flow and almost instantly lights hit up on the dashboard, with a meter on the side that was quickly filling up. It was the battery life thing, to show how much power there was left. Luckily her tie as Orana forced Kitra to train herself to once again be immune to the effects of her own electricity, so that was a very good thing indeed since she was going to need to do this often. "It's started!" The demon wrapped her arm around Celeste's waist with delight, using her tentacles to do the controls, to move them out of the dock in the early morning of the day, as birds flew overhead, as bugs sang their songs of love.

Kitra continued reading the note Zadkiel gave them until suddenly she happened upon a part so surprising it made her drop it. She picked it up again, blushing and she groaned guiltily at Celeste. "Zadkiel - or maybe I should call him dad now - dad says if I get you pregnant without checking you with Ryker first, he'll slap me." She squirmed, feeling a bit strange at that. But then she turned serious, squirming more. "Y-you said before that... you didn't mind... having a few... kids of our own. Not orphans." Was there really a non awkward way to go about discussing this? "Are you - are you sure? Pregnancy, it doesn't - it'll hurt, won't it? But... you want Angeal blood continuing down the Vacivus bloodline, don't you?" The way her hands were shaking was proof that even now, Kitra still felt pain thinking about the days she hurt her beloved. "I don't want to cause you pain ever again." Kitra, usually domineering, didn't hesitate to reveal her soft inner core behind all the ego.