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located in Darwin, a part of Syzygy, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝Truth and lies and everything is reborn.❞

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They had spent long enough out on the sea, it was time to head back home. After all, they were rulers and they couldn't just force Cambion to be the acting ruler of Hell the entire time. Plus, it wasn't like Kitra disliked ruling or anything. "I wonder if your parents also felt homesick." The demon asked aloud, looking at Celeste with a slanted grin as they veered their course away from the portal, back in the direction from which they came. "But we did go out farther than they did." Whatever mysteries the Southern Sea still had would be explored by Gabriel and his future wife when they married, and then the future children of royal Angeal blood. "Sunny's going to want you too, heh." Their honeymoon would be ending, and although it was a little sad, Kitra was looking forward to the next stage of their lives.

Two months later they arrived back at the Cape, and then Zadkiel and Callisto invited them to a big welcome back party in Eden this time, since it's most likely been a very long time since they had been there. "Give us the map later." Zadkiel's eyes were wide and excited, perhaps sea exploration was his secret thrill that he hadn't been able to indulge in a very long time. "I want to study it some more." Callisto hugged the man she loved and Kitra gently handed the coveted map to her parents in law, not knowing the feeling of parents for a long time, but deeply being touched by being treated like a daughter. "Maybe one day we can take a long trip." Callisto said gently and Kitra couldn't help but wonder if that could have some hidden other meaning.

"Where's Lilim and Raphael?" Kitra asked suddenly. Were they okay, what was happening? And suddenly the group of friends and family wasn't quite so energetic. It was awkward and then Maya made her way closer to the two returning lovers. "I'll tell you." She said with a frown. "In private." And that was particularly ominous, but they couldn't find out just yet, not with Gabriel and Ami helping with all of their luggage and everything they brought back as souvenirs, including a bunch of colored shell necklaces, one for everyone they cared about. "We're home at last." Kitra grinned.

That night at their old room in Eden,where Maya made her entrance. It was after another of their usual sessions, although Kitra's lunar cycle was starting up tomorrow so they wouldn't be able to for a few days after that. "Hey, next time-" But then she shook her head, covering Celeste protectively with a blanket. "What's going on with them? How is Lil, is she alive?" Death by childbirth wasn't rare for demon mothers after all, especially if the newborn's monster side lashed out and attacked the mother to literally claw their way out of the womb. "Yes." Maya said softly. "But the baby isn't." And that changed everything, didn't it?