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located in Darwin, a part of Syzygy, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝Truth and lies and everything is reborn.❞

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|| Manic || Plumb ||

"Hey, hey, did you hear?" One angel jabbered excitedly near Heaven's Gate. "King Zadkiel and Queen Callisto, they're stepping down, it's, like whoa, it's gonna be so different!" There was more excited, energetic chatter. "So it's true? Is that why Queens Kitra and Celeste came by just now?" The other guard nodded, a full grin on his face. "Times are changing, I'm so happy to get to see it!" The other guard didn't look quite so happy and he scowled. "So why the heck are we here guarding, then? What else is there even to guard against?" The other angel paused for a second and then frowned, shrugging. "I dunno." He said honestly. "Ever since Satan's fall, there wasn't really anything to fight. Wild animals trying to pee on the Gate, I guess?" Though more than anything they just warded the animals away with food, so that wasn't even a thing. "Our jobs are so boring, man."

Kitra and Celeste weren't quite as bored as these two. They were in Eden now, and it was impossible to just sneak in unnoticed like they did before, especially because they were flying two dragons into the pearl city, the idyllic garden of light. They were invited in, escorted by Ami and Finn, two very old and very friendly friends of theirs from a very long time ago. "It's good you're here." Ami said with a grin and then Kitra was very surprised. "What about Mio?" She asked, referring to their child, the one with Michael's soul who had become a girl somehow. "Lilim has her in the nursery with Zery, she thinks he's like a little brother." Zery was Zepar, but a boy this time. That made sense, even if it was weird to try to make two kids get along for them to be romantic later on.

So they entered the hall, Lilim was already pregnant again, her round belly big and making her look very silly despite everything. "Raphie cant keep his hands off of me, sheesh." She groaned and Raphael, as usual blushed. "That's not it at all, you keep - and then look what happened! You started it!" If one thought Celeste and Kitra did it often, then you'd be very surprised at Raphael and Lilim. Almost instantly after Zery was born she was begging Raphael to do it even if it was in her danger time and then he did it and she decided, hey, why not let Zery have a sibling? And so here they were, only about a month left until it was time. "You two are both idiots." Kitra chuckled and then Lilim glanced at Celeste and her eyes went oh so very wide. "Oh my god, you guys-" Before she could scream and ruin the surprise Kitra shushed her. "Don't tell anyone, got it?"

And so Zadkiel and Callisto were giving their speech, of a renewal of society, of the old giving way for the new, of their time being over and it being time for a new generation to begin. So they stepped back, allowing Gabriel to stand up at the forefront, a new crown being placed in his head, making him King of Heaven. "I will do all in my duty to make Heaven as wonderful a place as it can be." And then he pulled something out of his pocket, a tiny box. "Maya Ataera, would you come here, please?" So Maya stepped up too, which was odd because she didn't quite expect to be brought in front of everyone. "I can't rule alone, Maya. I want you at my side." And then Maya was stunned for a few seconds and then she grinned a slow, but happy grin. "If you'll have me, I happily accept."

But that was when Gabriel's eyes scanned the crowd, right after their kiss to commemorate the engagement. "Celty..." His eyes went super wide as he stared and he noticed. And slowly, all eyes turned to the Hellian Queens. "You're-" Kitra grinned, embracing the one she loved. "Yup. We already got a name ready too." Lilim let out a scream that made Raphael jump in fear. "Tell us, tell us what it'll be called!" She wailed and Kitra had a secretive smile on her face. "You'll know a few months from now, won't you?"

Times were changing, and things were only looking brighter for the future generation. For once, they would get to be born into a world of peace.