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In a span of literally an hour her house had filled up with strangers and friends alike, the bar was chaos (though she wasn't worried since her cousin was playing bartender), her boyfriend had yet to show up (and he was gonna get an earful because she asked him to come early), oh and her dress was ruined by some nobody who rushed past her with some blue drink.

So there she was standing in her closet, yelling at Danny about how annoyed she was. "God!" she seethed tearing through one of the racks of clothes, "Who does that? And doesn't even say sorry." Danny shrugged and leaned back against the bean bag. "I don't know, a bitch?" She turned and pointed her finger at him in conformation "Exactly Danny boy, a bitch! a bitch I don't want in my house." He nodded helpfully, "That's why I love you" She said blowing him a kiss.

She went back on the task of finding a new sexy outfit. A pair of tight white pants caught her eye and she squealed in delight, "Ah perfect!" She ran over to her bin of clothes and pulled out a matching white tube top, so 90's. She slipped the dress over her head, not even thinking of the fact that there was basically nothing under it.

"Jesus Lola" Danny yelled, blushing furiously and turning away, "We're not kids anymore you can't just be in front of me naked" She rolled her eyes thereby dismissing his discomfort, "Oh come off it, you've seen me naked since puberty" He rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath "Yeah, but we were having sex then,"
She spun around, "So what I have to change who I am so you don't get a boner?"

When Danny looked up and saw her standing there with her hands on her wide hips and a brow arched up in annoyance, he knew a fight was coming, so he just ducked out of the closet to go sit on her bed to text Gio. He needed a guy right now, between Lola's dramatic... life, because her whole life was dramatic, his mom's sex toy party, and his sister's everything he needed some male bonding.

As Danny left the room she rolled her eyes once more and took a sip of the water bottle she had filled with malibu and lemonade. She pulled her outfit on and smiled smug in the mirror about how good it looked. The pants hugged her bottom and accentuated it so much that she was pretty sure if she had a flat butt it would still look big and the tube top was tight enough that there was no way it was slipping so she still went braless again. As she finished she pulled her hair into a messy bun so tendrils were hanging out.

She pulled out her phone and sent a text to Moriah before calling Levi, it went to voicemail, no surprise there so she left him a voicemail, "Listen here babe since you want to show up late when I asked you to show up early when you get here don't expect any kisses and you better not be expecting sex tonight. Okay love you don't die on the way here so I can kill you when you get here." Maybe she was being a "spoiled brat" but when she asked someone to be somewhere at a certain time she expected them to be there and she couldn't understand why he wasn't.

She slid her phone in her back pocket and walked back into her bedroom, "Okay let's go make sure these assholes didn't wreck my house," She said rolling her eyes.