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Once we stepped through the portal, we appeared on a partly crumbled linking shrine and I looked around. "This is near Abook's territory." I looked ahead and I frowned lightly before I spoke. "Okay. Lead us to your body. No distractions and no games." Usha quickly came forth and she smirked lightly. "Hmph. Being quite bossy and demanding, are we?" She looked over at Atlas and she rolled her eyes at him. "I would much rather travel with better company. It makes the journey a little bit easier for me."

She turned and began walking away from Abook's territory and away from the mountain. The direction she was heading was towards an area that looked like a vast steppe as far as the eyes could see. Usha frowned lightly in dissatisfaction before she began walking. In an area like this, there was not a lot of cover and this made Usha feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. She looked up at the sky and she hissed softly through her teeth. The Corruption could probably see her right now. This was not her idea of stealth. She looked over at Tryndamiere and she frowned at him. "We need to travel at a faster pace and without being seen from the heavens. Once we reach the Unnamed Mire, we can continue on foot." She looked ahead. "The quicker, the better." Dark slime began to leak from under her foot and spread beneath them before slowly crawling up and engulfing them whole. Their bodies covered in slime sank into the ground and quickly disappeared. They traveled at an extremely fast pace, the world becoming nothing but a blur in their eyes and soon Usha stopped abruptly. The slime covered bodies emerged from the ground and the slime quickly fell from their bodies and returned to Usha's body. Usha studied the mire with a slight frown. The trees allowed enough light in for them to see and the ground was muddle with knee deep water. "We walk from this point on." She frowned in dissatisfaction as she waded into the water and began trudging through it. The sounds of curious critters and insects could be heard but Usha paid them no mind. After wading for over an hour, Usha stopped and she looked around with a slight frown. "There is suppose to be a gate here." She looked around again but there was nothing but trees and continuation of the swamp. Usha looked behind her, her eyes studying carefully then she looked in front of her and she smirked lightly. "Ah...the gate has changed to that of a mirror. It reflects its surroundings without reflecting physical bodies. Heh. Only a clever being would come up with something like this."

Usha stepped forward and she lifted her right hand up in front of her and spoke. "Lle ume quel, aratoamin. Men imya ram en' templa." With that, the whole swamp in front of them shimmered and soon a large partially ruined gate appeared before them. It was tall, taller than Usha in her monstrous goddess form and it was long from side to side, farther than the eyes could see. The design on the large gate was of an elegance that had been greatly worn down by what looked like the weather and fire. Usha smirked lightly and she looked at the large doors of the gate and saw on it, a smooth slab of rock. She approached the slab and she licked her hand, from the bottom of her palm all the up to her fingertips and she swiped her hands up and down the slab then stepped back. After a few seconds, ancient writings that had some eleven accents began to shine in gold and Usha read the words out loud in a strange tongue that was unfamiliar to everyone. When she finished, the gate opened, creaking loudly from the many years of disuse and she walked through with a slight smirk. Before them was a large partially ruined town and behind the town a large partially ruined elegant castle that looked somewhat strikingly similar to the castle of Elvandar. Usha walked forth and when she exhaled, black smoke escaped her lips. She was getting closer to her true body.

As they walked through the town, the town was eerily quiet with signs of fire and battle damage. Usha looked around curiously, her eyes studying everything and she noticed that the deeper they got, the more damage their was. I could not help to to let my curiosity take over. "What happened here?" Usha did not answer. We approached the castle and Usha frowned rather sadly. The front of the castle had been heavily damaged, the door and the whole entrance was in ruins. Usha walked forward and she looked around. Everything on the inside had been torn apart and weathered. She looked at the walls and saw elegant drawings carved into the walls. Drawing of the life of the city. The elves, the stars and moon, a few crowns and when she looked ahead there was a large door. We walked through and Usha looked ahead. The room was long and wide, ruined chairs and tables laid out on each side of the room and the ceiling was gone but at the every end of the room was two large thrones and a large elegant drawing of some sort of creature that I had never seen before but this drawing looked very life-like even from far away. Usha walked quietly towards the throne but stopped suddenly. "Clever." She mumbled and soon the sky began to blacken with millions of needles but as they came closer, they all began to fuse and create hundreds of needles the size of a grown man. Usha waved her hand swiftly towards the needles and yelled out. "'Kshonna, wanya." The large needles were quickly thrown to the wall and they shattered into tiny pieces but Usha did not stopped, she swiftly ran towards Tryndamiere and she caught something in her hand merely an inch from Tryndamiere's neck. Usha opened her hand and saw a needle with a dark purple coating on it. Usha smirked lightly. "I see that even after all these centuries, your skills has not rusted one bit, Orthello." A old frail man stood up from behind one of the chairs, his head low and he walked slowly like one of great age would walk until he stood a few feet from Usha. He slowly knelt down, his bone cracking as he did and when he spoke, his voice was deep yet soft with age. "It has been a very long time, mother."