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Usha smiled lightly at Orthello but when Tryndamiere started walking towards the throne, Usha let out a soft hiss of warning but it seems that it was not heard. As soon as Tryndamiere made himself comfortable, Orthello spoke softly under his breath. "Oh dear.." In a blink of an eye, Usha was standing before Tryndamiere and a tendril quickly slither up to his chest and wrapped itself tightly around his throat. "YOUR BLOOD IS NOT WORTHY TO SIT UPON THESE THRONES!!!" She snarled out with rage as she launched Tryndamiere off the throne and across the room, letting his body hit and slide across the stone floor. Usha hissed once more at Tryndamiere, black smoke escaping her lips before she looked back at the throne with a sadness in her eyes.

Orthello stood up slowly and he lifted his head, revealing his old and weathered face and when he opened his eyes, they were gold. Not a shiny gold but a light weathered gold. He glanced over at Tryndamiere then over at Usha. "It seems that your still as quick-tempered as ever mother. Even to-" He stopped when Usha casted a warning glare at him. Orthello lowered his head. "Forgive me, mother." He looked back up at Usha and saw that she had returned her gaze to the thrones. "You still can't feel it, can you? I am sure you were aware of it when you lived in your hosts but you still can't feel it. Sympathy nor empathy." He lowered his head again, casting his eyes downward. "But I suppose that as your champion and having been embodied with your patience, empathy and sympathy, you do not feel those things anymore." Usha looked down lightly in frustration, anger and shame. Soon my voice rang out. "Why?" Orthello lifted his head. "Because I was the first champion created. Usha, my mother, created me and a champion is only limited to 2 embodiment of their god but at the time, no one knew what the limit was and mother decided to test the limit, giving me 3. The side effects were almost immediate. Everything that my mother gave to me, she lost." He looked back at Usha.

After a pause, Usha finally spoke. "Is my True Body, here?" Orthello nod his head. "Myself and Kota has done well in guarding your True Body. It still resides here." Usha blinked lightly. "Kota? He's still here?" Orthello nod his head lightly. "He is either hunting or playing hide-and-seek, right now. I suggest we get you to your true body before he decides to become social." He bowed his head lightly to Usha and he started making his way through the hallways of what was once a grand castle. Usha looked over at Tryndamiere with a slight glare. "Follow. And don't touch anything." She turned and followed after Orthello. He let them out to what would be a courtyard but instead it was nothing but crumbled stones that had been covered by the earth and mother nature and not too far away, a partially ruined linking shrine. Orthello spoke again. "Here it is. Thank goodness you are not restricted by the handband or this would have been very difficult for you mother." Usha let out a soft smirk and she exhaled deeply, letting a much bigger black cloud escape her lips. " has been too long." She walked to the center of the courtyard and she closed her eyes, concentrating deeply while chanting some unfamiliar elvish words. Soon specks of black dust and ashes began to slowly lift up off the ground and slowly spin around Usha. A bead of sweat could be seen on Usha's face as her level on concentration became stronger and soon her lips stop moving but the chanting still continued. More and more dust and ashes continue to rise and spin even faster and when every speck of dust and ash was off the ground and rotating around Usha, Usha's eyes widen and she yelled out. "Return to me!" The large cloud of dust and ashes rose up and in a rough and violent motion crashed into my body. Usha's eyes widen and all of our screams of pain could be heard, mines, the essences and Usha's scream as the dust and ash covered our whole body and fused, until it became a thick slime.

There was no movement. No breath. Not even a twitch and soon the sound of a muffled roar started to ring out as the slime started to pull away from the body. The muffled roar grew louder and louder until finally the slime pulled away. The slime dripped from the two bodies and revealed myself and Usha. We both fell to our knees, sweat dripping from our faces as we panted and gasped heavily for air. We both looked up at each other at the same time and I spoke through pants. "Your got your body back. Now what?" Usha stood up and she rolled her shoulders and neck, feeling and hearing the cracking of bones. She looked at her hands and she smirked lightly. "Now, we move on to the next step." She looked over at Tryndamiere. "Tryndamiere, dear. Would you like your body as well?" My eyes widen in surprise. "What?!"