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Snippet #2700136

located in Onboard the WABAC, a part of When & Where: Tales Across the Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Onboard the WABAC

The pristine ship belonging to Sherman Peabody. Navigation to the center of the ship, Dormitories to the left, Mess Hall to the right, Cargo area down the southern hallway, Medical Bay up the northern hallway.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: NPCs Character Portrait: Seria Character Portrait: Goodnight Character Portrait: The Medic Character Portrait: Debra Morgan
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Sherman Peabody, Goodnight Robicheaux

Onboard the WABAC, Roughly Noon, Timeline Unknown

“Woah-oh, we're halfway there...” Sherman sang to himself as he paced the hallways of the WABAC, idly tapping away at his portable digital screen. He'd logged so much in such little time, thinking back on how he'd already gathered four of the Eight he'd been told to find.

“WABAC, power grid update.”

“-Mr. Peabody, currently I am running at 85% peak efficiency and on 50% normal power. Reserves are still at 100%. A quick stop would be ideal to recharge for the time being.-”

“A recharge already? Sounds like you're looking for an excuse to take a break.” Sherman chuckled.

“-Absolutely not, Mr. Peabody. Given that our crew is half of what it should be, we're currently trying to accommodate the needs of the others the best we can. Changes have been made to make things feel more like home. Also, it should probably be noted that the changes to the Medical Bay have been utilizing 70% more energy than originally anticipated...-”

Sherman smirked and adjusted his glasses. “I'll have a word with the Medic about it. Until then, a brief break sounds like it could do everyone some good. Maybe we can find a better form of energy to use in the meantime?”

“-As you wish, Mr. Peabody. Shall I alert the crew?-”

“No, just keep us on course and find the nearest Dimension to pull over in. I'll go speak with the crew.”

A few lights blipped along the silvered hallways of the ship and within moments, the WABAC was already setting a course for a nearby dimension.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sherman continued through the ship, passing by the Mess Hall on his way towards the dormitories. He took pause in his step when he saw that Goodnight was already enjoying a glass of something by himself.

“Mr. Robicheaux?” Sherman addressed, always trying his best to be polite.

“Mr. Peabody?” He quipped back with a grin, sipping his drink idly. “You know, I can't say I've been fond of the name 'Sherman'. Nothing against you of course, boy.” The sharpshooter smirked.

“If it had anything to do with what happened in 1864, I can assure you that definitely wasn't me.”

“Never said it was, Sherman.” He took another drink, downing the amber liquid before pouring another. “William T. had a lot of stones to do what he did. Just like you've got a lot of stones doing what you're doing now.”

Goody shared a look with the young man, sliding the nearby stool from the bar towards Sherman. “The second time I've been asked to undertake such a venture and this time... this time it seems like the odds are stacked even more heavily against us.”

“They're not good people, Mr. Robicheaux.”

“They never are.”

A long silence was shared between them, the redheaded young man standing awkwardly to the side as he drummed his fingertips along the side of his pants.

“I've got the WABAC setting us down for awhile. We can get out, stretch our legs...”

Goody laughed.

“Well that sounds marvelous! Some fresh air and sunshine could do us all some good. You just let ol' Goodnight know when we arrive so I can prepare myself proper.” He winked at Sherman and raised his glass, taking yet another drink.

“Will do. Thanks, Mr. Robicheaux.” Sherman smiled, feeling genuinely relieved that he'd brought the man along. He'd had some reservations at first, though it was mostly because Goodnight had been riding his horse in the direction opposite that of where he had intended to be... where he was told to be.

“You're mighty welcome, Mr. Peabody.”

Sherman exited the Mess Hall, continuing onward through the ship to do a quick check on his other crewmates: Debra, Seria, and the Medic.

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