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Snippet #2702093

located in Ter'Ciel, a part of Eulogy for the Immortal, one of the many universes on RPG.


How long will the people of Ter'Ciel truly know peace?


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Character Portrait: Hans Amsel Character Portrait: Kai Seward Character Portrait: Laelynn Wyght Character Portrait: Devlin Íobairt Character Portrait: Celsia Vorrine Character Portrait: Caedes Risus Character Portrait: Rais Crevan
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"My arms are outstretched, I hope for the best
And act rich before I get paid"

Rais Crevan

With introductions aside and engines running, it was time for the unusual crew to set sail. Rais had suggested the town of Soleus- he was friendly with the owner of the Inn and believed he could get them a deal on some rooms. The town was busy enough that they would be difficult to find, unlike in Kirlsa, and it wasn't unusual for travelers along the coast to stop by. There was also another small town between it and Kirlsa, meaning it definitely wasn't the first place anyone who wasn't crushed beneath the windmill would go looking for them.

Once the docks were out of sight, everyone had gathered together to discuss what was going on. Rais had promised to fill them in. He glanced from face to face, attempting to read them. Kai and Hans were both glaring at him, though the latter seemed far more irritated for reasons Rais didn't know. Those two would be tough to win over. It was a shame, because Hans had quite the pretty face. Caedus seemed relaxed given the situation. Rais also noted that he no longer had wolf ears. There was a chance he wouldn't be too difficult to work with, though Rais would have to be careful not to overstep his boundaries with him. Devlin (who had introduced himself along with the girl named Laelynn once they had finally stopped hiding in some dusty cabin) waited patiently, his gaze purely innocent. He was trusting. He would be easy. Laelynn was as far back as she could be while still being amongst them, arms wrapped around herself as she glanced at the floorboards of the ship. Though she put on a smile when somebody looked her way, it wasn't convincing. Everything about her screamed fear and insecurity. She, too, would be easy to work with, though he suspected he would have to be careful how he delivered news to her. She was much like a porcelain doll- beautiful but extremely fragile. Then, there was Celsia. She watched him intently, seemingly lost in thought. Her gaze pulled at him, her familiarity demanding his attention, and he wished for nothing more at this moment than to sit with her alone and find out if she really was his sister, but they didn't have time for that now. Plus, Caedus seemed rather protective of her. It was unlikely he would catch her alone right now. It would have to wait.

"So, while hanging around Kirlsa, I caught wind of some interesting tidbits of information." Raise began, "Alcohol makes the tongue loose, and you wouldn't believe some of the things you can overhear in a tavern. Somebody who I believe was involved in the plot back there was a bit too heavy on the alcohol, and let some interesting things slip before getting kicked out of the tavern for being a loony. They were after some very special people- people who, not soon after, suddenly began showing up in a town that sees very few new faces.

"I'm sure you are all already aware that you're different. To what degree you have realized this, I don't know, but we are not like everyone else. We have powers that normal humans don't have. You were all hunted down because you have powers that haven't been seen since the ages of the gods."

Kai scoffed. "Are you kidding me? Special powers? Ages of the gods? The gods don't exist! This is real life, not some stupid fairy tale."

"Explain that earthquake that brought the entire windmill down, then. Some perfectly-timed coincidence?"

"I-..." Kai hesitated, trying to come up with an explanation. "That woman. She did something. I've never seen it, but I know some have the ability to practice magic. She was in the midst of casting something when the windmill came down."

Rais smirked as Kai tried to rationalize the situation to fit his beliefs. He was very closed-minded. If it wasn't for the fact the existence of magic was widely known, he suspected Kai wouldn't have even acknowledged that much. A witch was with them then. She was behind the massive pulse of energy. It was after that that he had been hit with all of those sudden flashbacks. Did she help awaken their powers?

"A witch was with you? Well, why would she try to kill all of you? If she was part of the...cult, I guess is the best term for them, why would she put all of their lives in grave danger when they clearly had a goal? And if she wanted to help you, why would she put your lives in danger with no warning? I don't know who she is or what she wanted, but she wasn't the one who created that earthquake.

"Listen, you can try to deny it all you want, but if you just give it some thought, I know every one of you can say you have a talent that others don't. That talent is your latent power. Didn't you feel it? Didn't you feel the surge of energy flowing through you just before the windmill collapsed? I wasn't in there, but I felt it. We're all here for a reason, and we have to find out what that reason is."

"After the party I know everybody
But no on gets beyond this mask"