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Snippet #2702325

located in Ter'Ciel, a part of Eulogy for the Immortal, one of the many universes on RPG.


How long will the people of Ter'Ciel truly know peace?


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Caedes Risus

Any and all of Cae's thoughts were immediately interrupted by the annoying girls voice. 'Can't even have five minutes...' He thought to himself, as he watched Cel get up and try to introduce herself. He still wasn't exactly sure what all the names were on the ship.. but this person did have a point, he was the only one that knew how to work the engines... once he found exactly where they were either. Pasting his normal smile back on, he walked past the woman without saying anything until he was a step behind her. "Not exactly mine either, doll." Cae started humming that song again as he walked on down the hallway, arms up and hands behind his head as he lazily strolled forth, turning a corner to get back to the main hall.

Once around the corner, his hands went through his hair, feeling for where the ears he had would have come from... or, more importantly, why and how he had them in the first place. He tried to picture himself with them, getting annoyed with the thought of having his normal ears, and those wolf ears on top and let out a frustrated sigh the more he thought on it. 'Ah well... just another adventure.. and that Rais guy... he said he knew something'

Finally in the engine room, he got it all up and running again, the familiar hum of machinery working filled the ship. Easy enough for him to figure out, he had shut down a few engines like these in the past when raiding a ship, so he knew the general ends and outs of it. Rushing back up the bridge, not wanting any passerbyers to see that the ship was departing without it's normal crew. He passed by the main group, noticing them starting introductions without him, overhearing a couple names, but not able to put a face to them just yet. He set the ship in motion, turning the throttle up and steering them out of the port, putting the ship in a low speed until he heard the destination. He knew the waters fairly well out here, and set them in a course that they wouldnt run aground for quite a long time. He then checked the engine's fuel meter. "Good... that should last a few days at least." It had been a while since Cae had been on a ship this large.. it was nice to be back.

With a stretch and a slight yawn, the ex pirate made his way to catch the beginning of Rais' little speech. He listened to the man with folded arms over his chest, his eyes never leaving the silver haired man. There was some sense to what he said, despite the blue haired's interjections, Cae had experienced first hand. He was quick to notice the looks that Cel and Rais were giving each other, and wondered if he had missed something, but didn't think much of it for now.

The large man took a step forward, a bit into the circle they had created, "Alright, so I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, but what he's saying makes some sense... to me at least. I mean.. I apparently had wolf ears for who knows how long... And thats never happened before this." He gave a light shrug and a bit of a smile at his own thoughts. "Plus.." He turned towards the small girl beside him with a warm smile. "This one gets visions every now and then.. I like to think that it isn't just coincidence."