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Snippet #2702381

located in Ter'Ciel, a part of Eulogy for the Immortal, one of the many universes on RPG.


How long will the people of Ter'Ciel truly know peace?


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Character Portrait: Hans Amsel Character Portrait: Kai Seward Character Portrait: Laelynn Wyght Character Portrait: Devlin Íobairt Character Portrait: Celsia Vorrine Character Portrait: Caedes Risus Character Portrait: Rais Crevan
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Celsia Vorrine

Though she felt embarrassed for so blatantly staring, there was something about Rais that held her attention. It was strange- she had never seen him before in visions but he carried an aura of familiarity about him. She pulled her gaze away from him to look at the others while he spoke. Kai, the one who looked ever frustrated, seemed doubtful that any of them could have hidden powers in them, but Celsia was all too familiar with her own to brush aside Rais' claims. She had also witnessed Cae's strange transformation, as well as the witch's powerful incantation. That surely couldn't be coincidence.

Hans, seeming entirely too inconvenienced by all this, glared at Rais from across the boat, listening but not speaking. Devlin and Laelynn sat near each other, one looking optimistic and the other terrified. Devlin seemed content to be on the boat and away from that pompous Lord back in the windmill. Laelynn had a forlorn look stuck on her face, deep in thought, eyes darting around. She recoiled as Kai and Rais brought up the windmill's collapse. ...I wonder what her power is, then, Celsia thought.

Caedes was by her side, as relaxed as ever. Maybe he didn't realize it, but he reached up to run his hand through his hair a few times, as if to check for a new pair of ears again. He didn't seem particularly phased or concerned with the current conversation, but he listened intently.

"...this one gets visions every now and then. I like to think that it isn't just coincidence." He gestured at her, with a smile. Celsia felt her face grow a bit red as she looked around at the others. More people to think i'm insane...

Taking a deep breath to collect herself, she nodded. "As crazy as that sounds...he's not lying." Celsia found herself staring at Rais again somehow. "I've experienced these sort of... visions and dreams, ever since I was young. I've seen most of you in them, long before we even met in person. ...Unfortunately they haven't told me much more than what we already know, at least so far. And they happen sporadically, so I can't just...make one happen when I want it to."

Glancing towards her scarred friend, she gestured towards his head. "Even if you don't believe me, it's as he said. He had... wolf ears. His eye color was changed too. And I gather there was some sort of...earthquake." She caught Laelynn shying away from the corner of her eye. The poor girl was probably traumatized by all that just transpired. "...I think if we do really have some latent power in all of us, it's a good idea for us to stick together until we can figure out why it's just surfacing now... especially while we are out of harms way."