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located in Ter'Ciel, a part of Eulogy for the Immortal, one of the many universes on RPG.


How long will the people of Ter'Ciel truly know peace?


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Character Portrait: Celsia Vorrine Character Portrait: Rais Crevan
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"My arms are outstretched, I hope for the best
And act rich before I get paid"

Rais Crevan

With the exception of Kai's initial skepticism, the group seemed to accept what Rais had said. Of course, he knew none of them would be able to deny it for long, but at least nobody else put up a fight. Most of them fell silent, deep in thought. He was certainly curious to know just what powers they all had. All he could gather from Caedes was that had the qualities of a wolf. Outside the power of sass, Hans was a mystery, as was their resident dark-haired angsty teen. Laelynn, perhaps, was aware of her power, but if she was, she certainly wasn't happy with it. It seemed that the more they talked, the more she shrunk into the shadows, begging not to be seen. Devlin was just kind of there, taking it all in. Again, Rais couldn't guess what power he had. Cel, however...

If it was true, if Celsia did have visions, then maybe she really was his sister. The woman he remembered had sworn to him with the utmost certainty that they would see each other again. And he had truly believed her. It was a piece that fit in all too nicely to be coincidence. It had to be true. Now, if he could only figure out what his true power was. He supposed he would figure it out as he struck around the others, especially if that witch Kai mentioned had helped awaken them.

For now, however, everyone needed to rest. He was sure the group needed time to process everything that had happened.

"I agree with Celsia. I mean, we don't exactly have much of a choice at the very moment, but separating could prove to be dangerous if we're all being hunted. For now, I'm sure you all need some rest. I can stay up and make sure this ship runs smoothly for a while." He flashed a smile as he patted the railing of the ship. "The rest of you have had quite the day. You should head below deck and relax as best you can."

With that, the group once again split up, finding their own spaces in the cabins. Kai was the last to go down, staring at the water for a bit before finally giving in to the exhaustion Rais could now see on his face. They said nothing to one another, but the kid did seem to calm down a bit. At least, he was no longer glaring at Rais.

So, this was the start of his grand adventure. This is what he had been looking for. This was the thing that had been calling to him for all this time, whispering promises of a great destiny in his ears, luring him away from the rich city he lived in to that hick village nobody cared about. What came next? He had to find out just what he could do. Rais knew he had great power- he just had to find it.

Light footsteps broke Rais out of his thoughts. He turned behind him to see Celsia approaching.

"Where's Captain Wolf Ears?"

She gave him a weird look before responding, "Caedes? He's below deck. I just came out for some fresh air."

Good. This was his chance to talk to her.

He scooted over slightly, indicating for her to come stand with him, though it seemed she had already been heading in that direction. They were silent for a moment as they both watched the waves. Though he had only just met her, it felt nice, almost as if this was something they ought to be doing together. It was Rais who spoke first.

"You said you had visions, right? Visions of the future?"

Celsia nodded. "I know it sounds odd, but I've had them for as long as I can remember. I see them in dreams. Unfortunately, I don't know what they are of until they happen..." She slumped slightly and her voice lowered. "If I did, I might have been able to avoid that windmill altogether."

Rais frowned, a look he didn't commonly wear earnestly. While he didn't know what had happened in there, it had clearly taken a toll on her. "I think I have something that will sound even odder than that." He waited until she looked up at him to continue. "What if I said I've had a vision too? When I first saw you, I was reminded of it, only clearer than the first time I had seen it. It was of a woman, promising that we'd see each other again. You remind me so much of that woman. You even look a lot like her. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like I've known you. Like we have a connection of some kind. Not an attraction or anything like that, but something more important. Something that brought us together for a reason. Do you know what I mean?"

"After the party I know everybody
But no on gets beyond this mask"