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Snippet #2702711

located in Ter'Ciel, a part of Eulogy for the Immortal, one of the many universes on RPG.


How long will the people of Ter'Ciel truly know peace?


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Character Portrait: Celsia Vorrine Character Portrait: Caedes Risus Character Portrait: Rais Crevan
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The group continued to make some small talk, but it was obvious everyone was tired, frustrated, and confused. It seemed before Rais could finish his sentence, Hans was already strutting back into the depths of the ship. Devlin and Laelynn were quick to follow, the latter looking particularly relieved to be given some space to breathe.

As Rais ran his hand along the railing of the ship, Caedes stared him down with narrowed scarlet eyes. He seemed skeptical to trust this stranger with his ship, especially with all that just occurred, but if Rais truly did have a safe haven for them, then he would just have to leave it to fate. Celsia caught him flipping the bronze token once over in his hand, but couldn't see the results. Caedes sighed as he jammed it back into his pocket, and strolled over to the bridge of the ship to change their direction of travel to Soleus.

Shortly after, the two of them headed below deck as well, leaving Kai and Rais behind. There was something eerie about the silence of the cabin after all of the commotion. All that was left for now was the rhythmic churning of waves against the ship.

Caedes laid down on the bed, his arms behind his head. He stared at the ceiling. Celsia sat next to him and offered a smile. "I'm sure Rais will be okay up there. You need to rest, alright?" Cae shrugged at her, "Yeah, yeah...Well, hopefully I'm wrong."

Cel scooted herself over, laying next to him with her head on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it too much," She mumbled, "If we can get out of a collapsing windmill in one piece, I'm sure this will turn out fine too, right?" The optimistic words felt strange leaving her mouth. She wasn't completely convinced, herself.

Caedes didn't answer. "Cae?" Celsia lifted her head to look over at him. Already fast asleep, the pirate snored lightly, his face returned to its usual unworried self. She smiled to herself, glad he was finally taking a break. She stayed there for a while, taking in the peaceful quietness...until she realized her proximity to the man next to her. Feeling her heart start to race, Celsia quickly sat up.

"U-um.." She pointed towards the door, but the man was still fast asleep. "I'm going to go get some...air... sorry..." The girl quickly scurried out of the room, face red, and headed up to the main deck.


Kai had gone to sleep as well, but Rais remained. He seemed surprised to see her up, but even more so that Caedes was not with her. They stood next to each other by the edge of the ship for awhile, just watching the endless dark waves before them. After a moment he began to explain to her of his own vision- a woman, a promise.

"Does the woman you saw have a name?" She wondered aloud. "..I don't disagree though. I've had visions of almost everyone on this ship before I met them, so when I finally did, they seemed very familiar to me." She let out a sigh, "I felt it too though, the connection. Even're the only person here who I haven't seen before, I feel like I already know you somehow. I think there's a lot of answers we need still. I hope you can recall more of what you saw, so we can find them."

"Until then, we are lucky to have you to guide us." Celsia smiled at him. She didn't know him for long but she felt like she knew him well already.

While staring out to the sea, Celsia noticed a small light over the horizon. "Oh...what is that? That can't be Soleus already, is it?" Leaning forward, she squinted her eyes, trying to figure out what it was. The light began to grow in intensity, becoming brighter and larger. "What-" In an instant the world around her was ripped apart, the dark sky becoming bright and blue, the sea turning into land, the boat, and Rais, disappearing. She looked around for cultists, but they weren't there. Two voices were yelling nearby. As Celsia went to investigate, she came across the source of argument-- Kai, and Rais. She couldn't quite make out what it was that was making them combative, but whatever it was brought them to blows. "What are you doing?!" She shouted, but her voice didn't reach them.