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located in Seattle, Washington, a part of Wolves Reign: Blood Moon, one of the many universes on RPG.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is not it's vibrant Capitol Hill or Space Needle attraction; it's dark, uninviting, and cold in more ways than one... Crime and danger lurk around every corner in this werewolf populated metropolis.


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About 60 miles west of the small town of Thorp in what seemed a whole different reality, lied the metropolis of Seattle. The Emerald city, once the cultural capitol of the Northwest was now known as the City of Walls; City of Wolves; The New Berlin. Most of these wolves the city was known for were kept within the infamous walls of the ghettos, yet they were easily confused with their human counterparts if it wasn't for their idenifying arm bands.

They were by nature and somewhat by circumstance, a secretive species; on the outside appearing like any human and modifying their behavior to fit in. The same principle followed for their dens and gathering places, the most secret places hid in plain sight. A highschool on the outskirts of the city, delipidated and long forgotten was one such den. It had last been used as a shelter during the revolution by humans and when the young werewolves who occupied it first came across it there was still some half-disentigrated writing on the chalkboards. They were evacuation instructions and what to do if they were attacked by werewolves. No one had cared to wipe them off, not even the numerous graffiti artists that had trespassed on the premise before it was marked for a demolition that never happened.

Better dead than turned was the last scrawled message on every chalkboard they found.

It made them wonder if it had come to that and how many had followed. Cade remembered this statement, it was chiseled into his bone like ice. But it didn't make him any less fervent in his mission. He admired the ultimatum. He was reminded of the lengths in which both sides strove to win. Now that humans had their victory, he felt it was his job to make sure that even though they were broken they were never defeated. The war would not be over until every last one of them was gone.

He seered the messages of their ancestors into every one of his pack member's hearts. He indoctrinated them in the message of werewolf supremacy as he had been growing up in Sector 1. Praetor Lupus was built on this message and it kept them together, unlike an ordinary pack which was formed and bound together by one Alpha and kept united by blood and territory. They were all young, loyal to an idea and a cause: the revolution that Adam had started.

They had started out with just five members in the pack after Cade led a break out of one of the reform schools. (The irony of ending up in another school did not escape him) Since then Cade and his pack had managed to grow the number to 50. Still a piddly amount, but they were working on it. Tonight they hoped to increase their numbers by at least 20 while kids at the reform school were on break in the ghettos.

Cade convened his council of his most trusted pack members in one of the classrooms, consisting of the original pack members plus two younger members. When he entered the room, they all stood up from their seats around the long table in the middle.
Cade didn't bother with greetings and got right to business before he even made it to the table.

"What have all of you been talking about?"

As he sat down everyone else did as well. David Lacayo, an original member and the Beta of Praetor Lupus, sat closest to Cade at his right hand and responded first.

"We were just talking about the Liberation Act."


"Well we have covered the merit's of its legislator, Ms. Davenport..." Miranda, one of the few females in the group spoke up, she was also one of the two non-original members in the council, "She's very popular, her father is a long time governor and she has the backing of a lot of werewolves in the Harlow Ghetto due to her association with the Alpha Daryl---"

"Ex-Alpha. We know this already. Some of us have been around for a while." David cut her off with an annoyed tone, "Anyways, for the obvious reasons Miranda just explained, it looks like she's got it in the bag to be put on the ballot in November. She has through the next three days to get all the signatures."

Cade mulled this piece of information over silently.

Next to Miranda the other non-original member, Liam, a kindly still boyish-looking young man, spoke up, "Isn't it possible that the Liberation Act could be a step in the right direction?"

The polite quiet became an eerie silence.

A quick shift of eyes; a cough; an irritatingly high pitched noise of metal against concrete as someone squirmed uncomfortably in their chair. No one said anything. The majority of Praetor Lupus being young adults meant not all old decorum was followed. But what hadn't changed was hierarchy and how it nuanced every action and conversation. Liam realized in that moment he lingered dangerously close to crossing a line with his Alpha, yet he persisted with his point:

"It could end reform schools. That's been one of our main goals this whole time." he reasoned his voice a slight pitch higher.
Cade didn't show any kind of response in his face, his expression resting constantly somewhere between annoyed and silent anger that made everyone unsure whether or not they had just pissed him off.

"It's not enough." he responded none too aggressive, but not in a tone that could give any kind of assurance.

"... Yeah, but if it ends reform schools, that's one less thing we have to fight and we could focus on other things." Liam posed desperately, looking around for anyone at the table to defend his point.

David smacked his palm down on the table like a gavel, yellow eyes lighting up. "Will you shut the fuck up with your pacifist bullshit, Liam? Who the hell are you to contradict the Alpha, huh?" Liam cringed in his seat like he was ready to get hit, but having been sufficiently terrified back in his place David relaxed and turned the meeting back over to Cade.

"Sorry, sir..." Liam mumbled, this time remembering the proper address.

"It's fine..." Cade replied surprisingly unruffled. Oddly enough, he really did seem to have a lot of patience with the younger members. It was one of the many surprising characteristics of the Alpha that was buried under his prickly exterior. He proceeded calmly to talk.

"The ballot proposes that the schools be shut down over the next four years. We may be able to live forever, but when childhood is over, it's over. Even for us... In the meantime we can only imagine what the humans might come up with as a replacement for the schools. This is nothing more than a lightweight measure to keep the masses from revolting..."

David sat back in his chair, arms crossed and smirked at Liam across the table.

"...Giving our enemy the benefit of the doubt though, let's say this measure will do everything it says: It would be considered progress if equality was what we were striving for - but that is not what we want... Nobody can hand us our freedom, especially not those who enslave us. We have to fight for it. Tonight many of the recruits we will be picking up are escaping the reform schools where they have been brainwashed into thinking they are inferior and we cannot be wavering in our stance against humans."

He paused as he looked around the table at each of them, then he stood up. "On that topic. David. Miranda. You're both coming with me tonight for initiation." David grinned whilst Miranda nodded somewhat surprised.

Cade promptly left the room after having wrapped up, followed by his Beta. They walked on in silence down the corridor a ways until David was sure they were not in ear shot of anyone.

"That little twat should be removed from council; back talking you like that." he commented.

"He was trying to make a point, a misguided one, but none the less a point."

"It was dissent. What he was saying goes against our philosophy, our mission. If you start allowing that kind of talk at all--"

Cade stopped his stride abruptly, turning and halting mere inches away from David's face. In an instant Cade's presence grew to become so overpowering and domineering it felt as if it was physically pushing up against him, suffocating him. They were of the same height, but somehow Cade felt 10x larger than him in that moment. It was like he had transformed into a beast without physically having transformed, conveying his power through one hard steely gaze.

"Do you think I've forgotten our mission? That I've forgotten who killed my father? Who put us in chains?"

David looked back into his friend's icy blue eyes and shook his head.

"Have you forgotten what I've done to break those chains?"

"No. Of course not."

After a tense moment Cade backed off, taking his overwhelming presence with him and allowing David to breath. He returned back to himself, calm and cold as a snowy winter's day.

"... I will never stop fighting for the cause that our fathers did -- and we will get your brother out of human hands, soon. I promise."

A slow smile broke out on David's face breaking the tension and he nodded. They both reached out at the same time and clasped their hands together, forearm to forearm, in a show of solidarity.

"Better dead than chained, my friend." David repeated Praetor Lupus's old adage with a grin.

Cade gave his old friend a rare half-smile.

"Better dead than chained."