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Snippet #2703511

located in Old Republic, a part of Wrong Star War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Old Republic



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"May the force be with you."

"Please." Irwin adds on in his mind. "Please be with us." He doesn't know a whole lot about the force, but from what little information had been gleaned from stories about Lord Ren? It would help to be polite to it.

He'd stood at attention during the briefing which is more than can be said for the smuggler also present and had turned sharply on his heel to inspect the ship that he'd be piloting on this job- The Starbird, a UT-60 U-wing transport/gunship. At least they got his preference for larger, more firepower-heavy ships over fast, maneuverable ones. The U-wing's more than big enough to carry them- in fact, with only five passengers, it's equipped just a touch more luxuriously, with comfortable seats for passengers and plenty of storage space. The ship has a hyperdrive, so the journey won't be quite long enough that they'd sleep on it. According to Irwin's mission plan, there'd be adequate time to rest on whatever planet they visit and then take off in the morning, so on and so forth until they've returned home.

"I usually transport ordnance, not passengers." An argument could be made that explosives were simply non-living passengers that destroyed their destination, but that's just a little beside the point, isn't it? He'd slipped on his dark flightsuit, settled into the seat, and flexed his fingers over the craft's controls. This, this is comfort to him. The barrage of information from the instruments is something close to relaxing. The comfort in knowing everything that's going on.

The liftoff from the base had gone on without a hitch, almost too perfect a takeoff. It was probably a sign, now that he's earned the benefit of hindsight. The wormhole, his desperate attempts to steer them away from it- he'd even gone so far as to activate the hyperdrive in a fruitless attempt to escape it's pull.

He made little effort to build any kind of friendly relationship with the passengers- what, a Sniper, a Smuggler, a Chiss Politician and a Jedi? You couldn't put together a stranger group if you tried. Besides, they're the important ones- Irwin's just the ferryman, bringing them from Point A to Point B to Point C.

"What the-?" He wakes up, still in the pilot's chair, still at the controls. Controls which are currently going crazy at him, announcing proximity alerts, incoming fire, damage, etc. As if the ship rocking dangerously about wasn't enough. Irwin boosts up the shields, accelerating and trying as hard as possible to evade the incoming blaster fire.

And also taking the comm, speaking to all passengers aboard. "All passengers, brace for incoming fire. Someone get on the turrets and start taking out hostiles. We'll figure out where we are when we're safe." Thrusters to max, shields up. He's trying to get out of range of... whatever is shooting at them. As tough as the U-wing is, it's no starfighter. And the ship is badly damaged from the struggle against the wormhole too. Taking on one capital ship, let alone a group? Out of the question.

The ships firing on them aren't registering as anything familiar- they look Imperial, though the paint job suggests they've been taken by some kind of pirates. Still, there's little time to think on it as he points the thrusters at them and hauls ass in a safer direction. He's keeping that planet within view, however. Unidentified it might be, but the hostile ships hovering above it and firing on them suggest at least a small sentient presence.