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Snippet #2703537

located in Old Republic, a part of Wrong Star War, one of the many universes on RPG.

Old Republic



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Character Portrait: Kiersha Asso Character Portrait: Senator Thames Nuruodo Character Portrait: Bennjin Dorr Character Portrait: Myra Haren Character Portrait: Irwin Fel
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A flash of red hair flew past several people walking the halls, her stride quick and purposeful, not graceful. She was late. Honestly she should know better by now, but god damnit the fucking line for lunch was getting longer by the day. Or maybe she was just showing up later. She preferred her theory that the lunch line was purposefully being long to spite her. A way for the force to spite her maybe.

People did not keep General Organa waiting, that sort of thing just wasn’t done. Kiersha hoped she was just on the knick of time, and as if to give her better excuse, someone else was also equally as tardy as she. Some soldier boy entering opposite her. Kiersha had yet to meet everyone who would be on the crew. They were going to be working together for a very long time, it was best that she knew all of them for as little time as possible. No need to make acquaintances until absolutely unavoidable.

Kiersha listened to the speech in all seriousness, standing at attention, hands behind her back. Watching as General Organa slowly walked their line-up, her cane clicking and carrying her with more effort than it did last year. Kiersha became distracted with thoughts of the General’s health, she was getting old...

God damnit Myra, Kiersha has made the mistake of standing next to her. Myra was an acquaintance that she wouldn’t admit she liked, and for most people around base it was quite unavoidable to meet her. Luckily she was very easily distracted, and Kiersha didn’t have to put up with her for much at a time. But ho boy did she like to pack just about everything and more in that short time. Myra flung her arm around Kiersha’s shoulder and Kiersha gave a straight faced thumbs-up to the General. Might as well play along. Even if the force could go stuff it up its own bunghole for all she cared. She always was of the opinion that the thrice damned entity, or whatever it was, chose wrong when it chose her.

The ship's alarms blared, red and loud. And while normally Kiersha was all for red and loud, in the moment it induced panic. They had just started the mission not too long ago, they were barely in the Outer Rim. Hyperspace travel is a fickle thing, and even the most precise Navcomputer in the galaxy is something created by living beings- which are prone to error. Asteroids, comets, planets- everything in the realm of realspace leaves it's mass shadow on hyperspace. Thankfully, every hyperspace-capable ship is built with safeguards, backups, safeguards for the safeguards, and backups for the backups designed to increase the chance of the crew's survival in the case of a miscalculation.

It usually works. The Starbird was violently pulled back into realspace, dropping in to a closely-packed asteroid field.

The jolt shook everyone aboard the ship, and toppled everything not nailed down, including Kiersha. She was quick to stumble upwards and check the windows. Debris, it was everywhere, and it was moving. The ship. It was also moving. Strangely.

She staggered at first, but was soon in full gallop to the cockpit. Technically she was the co-pilot of the Starbird, with no one else on board who knew how to fly a ship like this. The throttle was ahead full, as the U-wing's sublight engines strained desperately against the gravitational pull. The instruments of the ship lit up in reds, blues, greens, every color used to signal imminent danger.

"WHAT THE fuck Cap-tain." Kiersha had to shout over the alarms. She rushed over to her seat, and hesitated at what she saw in front of her. By the force.

Light was bending around it, asteroids and debris being stretched into the distance as it was sucked into it. It was a... hole. "No no no no no no no. FUCK that." Kiersha snapped into action, flipping this switch and that, they were already on full thrusters.

"Black hole. The gravity field has us now." Irwin kept pushing on the throttle, as though it would somehow force the ship past full speed. The ship listed to one side, resisting the attempts to even point it away from the gaping hole in the universe.

"How the FUCK did we end up next to a black hole?!" Kiersha demanded, quickly seeing that they were much too close and the thrusters weren't going to do any damn thing. A cold sweat mounting on her brow. "Ok ok plan, I've never done this before..."

She got up and walked to the cockpit doorway, bracing herself, "On my count, hit the hyperdrive." She began to pull, feeling the whole ship in a way she hadn't before. The strain of the sheer size took a moment too long to get used to it, the seconds ticking by agonizingly.

"Hyperdrive primed. Jumping to the last safe coordinates." He's punching it in by hand, not quite willing to trust a navcomputer after it had gotten them into this mess.

"NOW." Kiersha pulled, the force reacting strongly within her in her fearful state.

Irwin flipped open the hyperdrive switch, pressing it down- and waited. And waited more. There was no obvious change in the ship's position, no sign of movement in the slightest.

Kiersha let out a frustrated and pained sound, the cockpit creeking, the pressure within the ship mounting.

"It says we're already at lightspeed. Still stuck in the gravity." There had to be a malfunction, some excess weight to dump- there wasn't any. No options left for escape.

"No." She said weakly, not giving up. She was getting dizzy.

"Kiersha, if this ship gets pushed any further, it'll tear itself apart!" Genuine fear breaks a normally flat tone. He punches the hyperdrive switch again, and again, met with further defiance from the laws of physics.

"It's not moving!" Tears welled up in her eyes from the strain, electricity sparking at her fingertips, a sign of her stress. She was getting so dizzy, was she on her knees? She was beyond recognizing that now.

"It won't go faster-...won't..." Irwin's passed out. Strain from the wormhole, the lightspeed, all of it more than your average human was built to handle.

Kiersha was not long behind him, slumping to the floor finally.

Alarms, those fucking alarms, again? Kiersha woke up, head pounding. Was this a deja-vu? It was happening again? No, she was the floor of the cockpit. She crawled to her seat in the co-pilot's chair and slumped herself in it, not entirely knowing what she was doing, memory of the wormhole fresh in her mind and the desire to stop a slow decent into it. She got her bearings after a few moments and realized that the scene in front of them was very different from the one they had been in... moments ago? Was it moments ago? How long had she been out? The Captain was shouting orders... the turrets!

"Turrets, we need someone on the door guns!" Kiersha was supposed to be one of those someones, was it possible to have this much adrenaline coursing through you? Things were suddenly clear. She hopped out of her seat, running, or staggering if you were being judgemental, to the right side of the passenger end of the ship.

"Shoot anything that shoots us Soldier boy." Kiersha shouted as she passed him.

Bennjin had slight reservations, given the unusual look of the ships that hung around the immediate area. However, they were absolutely under attack. He absolutely needed to get on the guns. "Yes ma'am!" He barked rather loudly as he reached the top of the ladder. He stepped rapidly towards the starboard turret, and set himself in the gunner's seat.

It was thanks to these turrets that the so-called soldier boy was able to be useful in a space battle. He knew weapons, and he knew ranges. His primary concern was taking down immediate threats. That meant the debris that surrounded them, and fighters approaching to rapidly intercept.

Kiersha sat her ass down in front of the turret, wasting no time in picking a target. She shot at ships, any that got too close, without hesitation or recognition of who was on which side. As far as she was concerned this whole battlefield was in their way. She did take note however, that these ships looked imperial, and yet not, while others were unrecognizable to her. Oh well, they were all dead if they got within her range. She shot one down, using the force to cheat a little, despite her exhaustion.