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❝the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say. Now, who's the apple and who's the tree, well, that's a blurred line, indeed.❞


Vakira's lips curled up, showcasing rows of shark-like incisors. "Kill you, no, I have something better in mind." She sent the black scythes around Loretta until they attached to her flesh, weaved I to her skin like threads. "See now dearest, you're now my vessel. And I will conquer your mind!"

Zero pushed off the wall, but it was too late. He stared, unable to move. The bitch had done it as a last ditch effort.

"Zero, we gotta go." Ren was pulling him back. But why? No, they had to help Loretta. He wasn't going anywhere without her.

"Go without me, I'm not leaving her."

"It's too late, darling. She's already lost." Vakira wrapped Loretta into what looked like a cacoon. She laughed at the look on Zero's face. But the purple veins creeping up her throat had branched out, and he questioned just who was really winning.

"She's done for, let's go before she kills us too." And Ren was not waiting for answers, he tugged hard on Zero's vectars. Shit. He'd told the kid a million times never to do that—but does he listen, no. "Hey!"

Ren kept onwards to the doors, Grell was loading a round in his shot gun. Where there more like Vakira running around?

"What part of I'm not ditching don't you g—"

"Yes, I feel it." Vakira shouted. Her body spasmed in either a high or seizure, no way to tell. "So much power." The purple reached her face, covered her arms and twitched. It was unlike anything he'd seen.

"Zero, c'mon!" Ren pulled hard and Zero fell back, he scrambled to his feet and reabsorbed the lingering vectars. "But she's —"

Ren shook his head. "No. She's losing. Can't you smell that?" He cupped a dirty hand to his nose.

Zero didn't notice it at first. But then he did. It was like standing in the forest after a storm, near the fallen, rotting tree. A patch of land touched by something dark, and that's when he fell to his knees. Because now, he wasn't the only one tainted. He watched Loretta, where she had vanished inside, he didn't care if the poison killed him. He'd set her free.

"Zero, stop." Ren yanked him back down, his behind the table again. "It's not from Vakira."