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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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โa love that's deep and real can win over anything. โž


Her voice struck with the force of lightening. It was all he had to hear to spring back up on his feet and run.

"Zero, the poison!"

"I know. I got this." He wasn't gonna wait until Vakira succumbed to it, he'd kill her himself. Even if that meant exposure. He just had to get her out. Attacking the cocoon, he tore away at the black flesh before it hardened. His fingers raked through, breaking apart toughened walls until he made out the blonde hair among the tangle of fibers. A sense of exhaustion weighed on him but he used his vectars again, pushed his way through and reached out, "Loretta!"

Meanwhile, he heard Ren cussing and the spike of his energy flared. What was he doing? But he couldn't worry about him now, he had to get Loretta safe, she was all that mattered.

The flesh of the cocoon shifted, attempting to pull at him in a frenzy of tentacle limbs weaving around his arm. Well damn, she just didn't know when to quit.

"You won't defeat me, I'll kill you all if I can't get the Phantom!" Vakira's voice was a shrilly pitch.

Zero ignored her and reached with all his strength through the growing mass of flesh, his fingers brushed Loretta's shoulder and he grasped at her arm, pulled her against him. "I got you, it's ok, youre gonna be okay." He held her for a sliver of time, remebered the warmth against him, then, he pushed her out. The darkness closed around him and all was silent.