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❝you can have anything in life, if you will sacrifice everything else for it.❞


Ren attacked Vakira too, with all he had, but even that wasn't enough. She kept dodging with her own tentacles and moving with a speed he couldn't keep up. Grell had snatched him back, and finally had the girl in his arms.

The blood dagger had cracked once it struck, then it too was absorbed into Vakira. She laughed maniacally. "That won't do, I told you , I won't be defeated!" She let the cacoon finish its job and then it just dried up and fell apart. Her large tentacles swept the air, attempting to clear the haze. Now that Loretta had been removed, so too the poison. She appeared as a mere woman, her pale skin lost the scary vines. That could only mean—

"Zero!" Ren struggled against Grell's hold but the purple haze in the air made him cough.

A shot rang out. Dark blood blossomed Vakira's chest and she collapsed. Grell re-loaded. "She's down, but it won't be long, we have to—"

Levi dropped in from the giant hole at the wall, he covered his nose and met Grell's eyes.

"Grab her, she got Zero." He held on to Ren and Loretta and took the lead. They had to get out of here.

"What?" Levi approached the woman, she was a mess. He plucked her from the ground and hefted her up and over his shoulder. He followed them out and shook his head from the strange dust in the air.

"There's a confinement chamber down the west wing, we can lock her up there." Levi said, pointing as he kept close.

"We should just kill her, she absorbed Zero." Ren shook free of Grell and stomped ahead.

"That's not how we do things."

"I should've killed her a long time ago."

"But then we won't know what she's after."

"The Phantom Gene. Ring a bell?"

"That's a rumor."

"Not anymore."

The group found the west wing's chamber where Levi dropped Vakira into a cot and sealed her inside. Grell continued on ahead where he ended up clashing with a scientist intent on escaping. He forced the white coat into helping secure Loretta into a suitable room where her injuries were accessed and taken care of. He too would be questioned, naturally.

Ren stared through the dirty glass, watched the enemy unmoving on the bed. Lucky, so lucky, she was kept from him. Because the next time he got his hands on her—

"She'll answer to us when she wakes. Don't get ahead of yourself, kid."

"You don't know her like I do. She has history with us, especially Father."

Levi crossed his arms and glared at Vakira. "Great, more secrets."