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"I know why the caged bird sings."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

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Doll awoke feeling that something was amiss. Her head was heavy, her limbs weak and she had the taste of ashes in her mouth. What was going on? Doll sat up slowly, head spinning like a top. It was as though there was an echo in her brain, it felt empty. Doll attempted to stand, but her legs felt week and she couldn't stand the thought of going anywhere. What was this heaviness in her heart? Why did it hurt? Doll slumped back against the mattress, there was something in her arm, a board tapped to it so that she couldn't bend her elbow. There were bandages in various places on her body and pajamas she was wearing were ripped. They were the same clothes that she had been wearing since they left home, but Doll could not recall why they would be so torn up.

"Zero?" Doll questioned, her words slightly slurred. A cursory glance over the room showed that she was alone. Had everything been a dream? Had Doll been inside of the Zoo this entire time? Perhaps she had been in a drug induced sleep that had made her think up all of those characters? Any minute now Doctor Atarashi would come in and take her back to her room, Doll was certain of it. Not that nice room with its book and toys and plush animals, those had all been dreamed up. Grell was fake, no doubt. There was no adventure, no travelling around the world, that was too good to be true for a human like her. No, Dr. Atarashi would come and bring her back to that little room in the rehab zoo, where she would stay until they deemed her suitable for something.

Doll tried to laugh, but it was a broken, strangled noise. It was easier to cope with a loss when you believed that it had never existed in the first place. She curled into a ball on her side and hugged her pillow, facing the wall. There was no Zero, Doll told herself, it was all just a dream, too good to be true. There was no place Doll belonged, she was a human and would never maount to anything, just like the rest of the humans. "Humans are toys, why would I be any different?" She whispered. Who would ever be crazy enough to love a broken thing like her? Another toy that had been played with too roughly, who would eventually be discarded, just like the rest of them.

"Zero," Doll whispered in a pain induced haze. Who was Zero? Zero was the one she loved, the one her heart yearned for, even if her brain said he no longer existed.