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"I know why the caged bird sings."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

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A man with red hair came to see her, the familiar Grell, who Doll had been hoping did not exist. So it was true then? All of it? None of this was a bad dream, Zero was really gone. Doll felt sick at the thought that her mind had tried to discourage his existence, it continued to falsify and edit memories in what it thought was to protect herself. Sometimes her mind acted separately from her will. "Zero's dead, isn't he?" She asked very quietly, her words a whisper on the wind. Grell nodded, no words needed to be spoken between them, the heartbreak was already too much for one person to bear. Then again, so was the burden of having a hear.

If she was ruthless like Ren, then perhaps Doll would never need anybody. She could walk around with such a carefree momentum that others would relax in her wake. Doll could not do that though, Doll did not want to do that. Just like Cinderella, whose ball ended at midnight and whose glass slipper shattered, Doll's heart had broken like glass. What were the chances of Zero returning? Her heart told her many, her head told her none. Doll did not want to return to the house without him, an empty house with empty rooms, where Doll would do nothing but read. The thought made her cold, even the fact that there may be new books back home did not bring her the joy it once might have had Zero been alive. After all, he was the only reason that Doll could read and write and while she wasn't the best, she did enjoy having these skills.

"What danger is learning a dead language?" His words, not her's. Doll would have never been so bold to speak such brave words without him. "Tell Doctor Atarashi-" tell him what? There wasn't anything for him to fix, if the wound was not treatable by medicine or band aids. "That I'm ready to return home please." But what exactly did home mean without him? Doll turned away, Grell was now walking out of the room. She didn't check to see if he glanced over his shoulder. Doll curled onto her side once again and told herself that this was all her fault. If only she hadn't been here, he would have been able to fight and defend himself.

The door opened slowly, Doll had no interest in talking to anyone. She sat up slowly, appearing almost robotic in her motions. "Family...." Doll whispered, "there's no chance of him coming back to us, is there?"