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Snippet #2704813

located in Japan, a part of How To Deal With A Demon, one of the many universes on RPG.


The country of Japan.


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Character Portrait: Eris Jones Character Portrait: Molyneux
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Chou barely moved when the steely-eyed witch took account of their stock, long since having learned that it was far better to stand at attention and say nothing until she was done. He only gave a concerned look to the other girl when Eris dared ask their manager about the boss, at one point unknowingly holding his breath for a brief second or two, maybe slightly longer.

The woman dropped her head sideways. ”And why would you want to know that?” She quickly asked and gazed at the horned figure, instantly doubting whatever excuse she’d give for such a question. However, out of curiosity, Lily leaned in a bit closer, hands set against her hips. ”It isn’t very proper to go talking about people behind their backs, more so when they’re paying your wage.”

Chou gulped. ”It’s cool I swear! The boss said we could, he’s down with it! But we’re just not having any luck so far...”

The witch blinked, as if unsure of how to digest the situation. ”I swear,” she huffed, crossing an arm and holding her head in her other hand, ”Molyneux is old enough to know better, and so are you two. What a lame game! Honestly.” Was she the only serious adult left in the world, or frankly just this bar alone? She was the manager, though half the time if felt as if she were managing children, not a business!

”...So will ya help us?” Chou encouraged, sounding hopeful.

She narrowed her eyes, ever so slightly biting her lower lip. ”What’s it worth?”


The witch grinned wickedly. ”If you’re good at something never do it for free,” she advised the pair in a somewhat wise, though taunting tone, ”and if you have the info, never give it for a fools price. Understand me?”

They’d do well to remember that snippet, as Chou already was. However the boy had deliberately resisted the effort of informing the witch that upon uncovering the boss’s species they’d all get a raise, at least those who weren’t the boss or manager. Furthermore, Chou also made a mental note to ensure that neither he nor Eris was around once Lily found out that small part of the challenge – for she would for sure flip at the expenses!

”You both can repay me in some way later,” she promised them, running a hand through one of her long ponytails, as if pondering over the matter at great length. ”One thing to know is that old demons tend to have much longer and colourful histories... they’ve done and seen more than any of us, and since one such demon happens to be our boss, and hasn’t eaten nor hurt us, it’s fair to say that we’re safe around him otherwise.” Lily pointed out with a confident nod. Although, while it may have only been her own opinion, in a way it made sense, and certainly the witch was more observant than either of the pair and so she would notice such things.

”Think about it,” she urged them, ”he hasn’t mistreated us, yet he isn’t exactly a lover of all things living and breathing,” the witch took a few steps about the room, though made sure to keep her voice low and heard only by the two accompanying her, ”which means he’s a demon like any other and nothing less. He’s demon, but for whatever reason grudgingly accepts everything around him despite not actually wanting to... and whatever powers he has, he chooses not to ever use them.”

Chou exchanged glances between the two women. ”So?”

”So? It’s unheard-of right? What demon wouldn’t use their powers for any reason?” She hissed back at the boy, and then to the girl. ”Does it look as if anything or anyone is stopping him?” It was food for thought definitely. The witch raised an eyebrow at the pair, hoping to stir some productive thought in both their clueless minds. ”You learn more from observing a demon than you do when just guessing what they are. I’ve studied most demons around these parts, purely as a hobby though sometimes even the Council require some assistance, go figure.”

Admittedly, Lily was shamelessly prideful of that fact. She then noticed something. ”Are you two having... dinner? At this time? I—never mind, I’ll overlook it this time if you make sure to not tell Molyneux that I’m secretly studying him. Otherwise you’ll both find yourselves roasting in a pot, got it?”

They didn’t need to answer, especially judging by Chou’s anxious face; the witch knew they’d keep it sealed behind their lips. ”Oh, and to answer you more correctly. Demons of all kinds need to eat to survive, right?” She answered, ironically with another question, but still. ”He doesn’t eat humans, I know that. So just find out what else he doesn’t want to eat and sooner or later you’ll discover what he actually wants to devour. Human food can only fulfill a demon so much, you understand that, don’t you Eris?”