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❝if you don't wanna drown, start swimming.❞


And just like that she was on her feet, ready for action. Ren clasped her hand, "Simple. Means you're special." Enough for Father to choose her to possess something incredible. Something no one but her can ever have. "Ok, let's go." Then they were out, racing down familiar paths. Levi and Grell were too busy questioning Vakira to notice.

"This is where it gets tricky. Father planted clues, but it wasn't just for Zero and I." Ren came to a pause at the clearing, there were several doors all leading to different rooms each one he'd checked several times with his dark sight. Maybe he'd missed something. "Zero could open this place, or me, it's sealed with our blood." He started, "Father left the image of the vault entrance on freakkin data sheets. Hidden in plain sight. But now, the door itself is somewhere around here, and I think it all depends on you to find it." He let her hand go, "Follow your instincts. I got your back."


"What guarantee do I have that you'll even return him alive?"

Grell nudged Levi, he tugged the bandana down, "What are you doing?"

"Just, let me hear her out." He kept his eyes on the monster who was sitting with her eyes closed and the wicked smile she so loved to wear. She slit those eyes open, "Considering our deal?"

"If I can get the gene, you let him go?"

"Of course, I'm only here for one thing and that's what belongs to me." She licked her lips and rose her brows at his expression, "What? Did you really think that power belonged to a frail shrimp like Doll? Please."

Grell stiffened, "What is she talking about?"

"She's lying, she doesn't know Al. I know her kind."

"That's where you're wrong, see, you don't know me. Aleron and I have quite a history. And it's a damn shame he didn't listen to me when he had a chance. He could have saved himself all this trouble."

Levi slapped the glass, it shook. "Shut up, witch. Al is many things but he's no traitor. He'd never work for you."

Vakira giggled, "More like partnership. Where do you think all this," she gestured their surroundings, "came from? He was a lost researcher with dangerous ideas. Fortunately, I was invested in his secret projects. We were a team, until he screwed me over."

Levi shook his head. "Whatever happened, you deserve it."

"You don't get to decide what I deserve you flannel-wearing idiot." She crossed her arms, "I will take much pleasure, toying with Zero. He's much fun. But you better decide what you'll do, he doesn't have much time left."

"What are you doing to him?" Levi moved to the door, but Grell cut him off and shook his head. "Don't risk it."

"I gave him a choice," Vakira closed her eyes, "What he'll decide will determine just how the game plays out. If you don't give me what I want, he will. All a matter of time, dearie."