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"I know why the caged bird sings."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

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She was special? No one had ever called her special before, except Zero and Doctor Atarashi, both for different reasons. Could it be that the two of them could get along? Doll was hopeful, she followed him, bare feet padding softly along the tile, then metal floor. Grell and the other man were too busy to notice two little birds flitting away into the belly of the beast. What could either mean great danger or success depended on where this strange little adventure led the two o them. As of right now, Doll chose to believe that it would lead to success. If she thought otherwise then her feet would stop moving, her breathing would become swift as a rabbit and her heart would ache beyond repair. It was dark down this path and Doll was scared, but once her eyes began to adjust, things weren't as bad. She was doing this for Zero, she was being brave for Zero.

And it was with these words etched into her hearts that she plunged further beyond where the depths of her vision could distinguish furniture from walls and Ren from doors. "He expected someone to be with you then?" Someone along the lines of a trusted friend no doubt, not some arbitrary human who couldn't remember the difference between her right and left. "So we have to find the vault?" He had her back? Such thoughts were comforting. Doll had never thought that anyone, much less Ren, would ever "have her back." Still though, Doll chose to believe that this was not a cruel joke. He too, had lost someone important to him today. The door closed behind them, Doll's hands balled into fists. She took in a steadying breath and closed her eyes for but a moment, "I will do my best." Determination renewed, Doll looked around the room.

"Where do we start?" Doll wondered aloud, feeling around the room with her hands. No, this didn't feel right, her stomach told her so. "I don't think we are in the right room," the human went back to the door and opened it up. She stood stock still for but a moment, then headed to the left, three doors down. How did such a large venue exist underneath that medium sized house? Doll didn't know. She reached for the handle of the door, the knob falling off in her palm. Somehow that was not comforting, but even so, Doll headed inside. The room looked as though no one had stepped inside of it for years. "It's around here somewhere, I-I can feel it." Doll didn't know how or why, but this space seemed so familiar it was scary.