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Kylin looped his arm around Pike's and patted his forearm lightly smiling. His tone about as promising as a honeyed dessert. "Trust me you will get what you are owed and more, as long as you leave all my men in one piece."

Victor was giggling, tipsy still. "Ro-an is Kylin's big boy. He's had it for him since the day they met. Strong as hell, could probably punch out those smilers you love so much."

"Quiet, Victor, don't be an ass." Kylin said dismissively. "I'm this close to sending you back to the inn and letting Pike give you a black eye. I have to go there anyways to get some things."

Their detour wasn't a long one, they were staying in a recognizable inn covered in gaudy tourist lures, not a cheap stay, which wasn't unlike Kylin. He liked to indulge on the gold he earned dishonerably. A good portion of the money he'd stolen from Pike abd his own hard work had gone into a vacation rather similar, except with more prostitutes which he'd actually bought for a few other mercenaries. Not to say he didn't join in. They were attractive mercenaries. He had been incredibly disgraceful in his past. Kylin changed, forced a coffee into Victor's hands and had them wait a few moments while he survayed for signs of where Ro-an had gone.

Ro-an's bike was visible in the weeds outside the wooded area that Kaldon hid in. Kylin clambered through the window and explained their heading.

"Aaah right, Brandie'd said something about a house or...tree or something." Victor mumbled.

"You're useless. Stay here, Victor. Even if we did fight you'd probably just fall over. Lay down, Pike and I can handle this, right Pike?" Kylin gifted him a wink and his wings shifted along his back, "I hope you can still keep up!"

Kylin went to the window again and let himself fall backwards out of it, spinning in time to spread his wings and catch lift. A few strong thrusts and he was soaring upwards, more silent than the coastal winds.


Ro-an glimpsed at his watch. "Kylin should be here soon, its half past midnight."

He got to his feet and stepped outside to check, tipping his head up to catch a scent.