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Lailah watched with awe as Prince Yevoc displayed the raw power of his enchanted blades, encasing the troll from torso to toe in pure ice, and creating an opening which Alexander proceeded to take advantage of. The Sky Knight dashed through the air, unencumbered by his heavy armor, and delivered two heavy blows with his greatsword. The blue eyed fencer stood completely still, entranced by the sight. Like a knight in shining armor, straight out of the storybooks....

The noble girl glanced to Captain Drake and pouted. "Goodness! Those two are already superhuman without their enchanted blades. It's hardly sporting," she half-jokingly complained.

Quickly, her expression turned serious once more. Lailah stood straight, her heels pressed against one another. With her head down, her eyes closed, and her blade held in front of her face, the fencer solemnly prayed, "May the Gods bring rest upon your poor soul!"

Like a mortar, the fencer launched through the air, her cape fluttering like a flag. Lailah flipped and stopped for a split second above the troll's head, pointing her side sword straight down.

And with a bellowing battle cry, she dived straight down.


Like a mighty spear, the thin blade sank deep and straight into the troll's skull, with Lailah's feet firmly upon the block of ice. A determined smirk formed upon fencer's face.

"I'm stronger than I look!" She claimed. Her hands balled into fists, and after bracing herself for another half second, Lailah pummeled the troll's head, bare handed, again and again and again, the noise of each crushing blow becoming wetter and squishier.

After the seventh blow, Lailah grabbed onto her sword's hilt, and with the might of her whole body, forcefully yanked it off, before flipping away to safety, a shower of blood trailing behind her.