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It was now clear that the troll had been neutralized. What few goblins survived scurried off like roaches when the light was turned on. Yevoc immediately went to the side of the dark elf who had broken her leg when she fell. “That doesn’t look good. I’m gonna have to set it until we can get you to a healer in Frosthiem. This is gonna hurt.” Yevoc informed the elf. He pulled the leg back to its normal position before placing his hands just above the leg and encasing it in the equivalent of a cast made of ice. “This will also help to numb the pain and prevent swelling.”
“So what’s the plan now Snowflake?” Ash sneered after shrinking and landing on Yevoc’s shoulder. “Sure you killed the troll, but what about the reward? I heard there was quite the bounty on that now squishy head. Who gets to collect? Or do you really think that all of you can split it?”
“I don’t care about the damn reward, what I’m worried about is what was controlling that troll and why.” Yevoc snapped at the fairy. “So let the others worry about the reward, you and I are going to trace that enchantment back to where it came from and find out who was controlling the troll and what they’re really after.”
“You really know how to take the fun out adventuring. You’re so noble and boring.” He whined and stomped his foot.
“Cool it hot head.” He chuckled before pointing a finger at Ash and shooting a tiny blast of ice and snow at him. “Now get to tracking.”
“I’m a fairy not a bloodhound.”
“Well if you’re going to be tagging along with me, you’re going to make yourself useful. Or you could leave.”
“Fine.” Ash sighed as he waved his hand and a cloud of blue fairy dust filled the air and a path began to glow. “Follow the path and it should lead us to the source of the enchantment.”