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Kylin punched Pike in the shoulder and hissed, "Shut up, it's not like that."

He kept it vague on whether he was referring to his feelings for Ro-an or Kaldon's association with them, it applied to both so perfectly. Pike was not the first to misunderstand the complication that was Ro-an and him. Fact of the matter is it was very unlikely that he'd fall for anyone, especially outside his species. His trust when it came to his body alone was guarded enough, his trust when it came to the emotional side of him was near impenetrable. Ro-an was...close though. He had to admit to himself, on rare occasion that Ro-an's iron clad honor was very appealing. He was incredibly strong, and...well his fur was quite soft and very nice to rest against.

Kylin did not love Ro-an though. Ro-an's love was useful. It caused him to work harder than he himself realized to make the impossible possible and occasionally...that was necessary. He was Kylin's big boy, his big bodyguard. His knight piece out to protect the queen.

"I have no idea who that is." Ro-an replied, his tone as growl as it would get. Immediate distrust caused him to grip the tie on his gauntlets.

"Relax, Ro, he won't eat you unless I tell him to." Kylin said casually striding right up to them. He stood right in front of Kaldon and looked him in the eyes. "We're coming in."

"Ah! Pike-Ro, Ro-Pike. And that's....that's Kaldon..." Kylin explained turning after he'd passed the two. He did allow his eyes to take in the undergarments for a bit. "Aren't you cold? Nevermind you can stay like that. I like seeing where your weapons are."

Ro-an huffed, displeased by Kylin's explanation of Pike. He looked the shark over, words dancing on his tongue causing his whiskers to twitch slightly. "What's your plan, Kylin. It seems like stealing the hilt is rather pointless it's too hot and no one is going to buy a weapon piece unless they know what it does."

"Which is exactly why Kaldon here is going to tell us what it does. So far I know it gives visions which is valuable. Pike here seems to think its a......a...." He looked to Pike. "What did you say it was? Obsidian piece? Obscurian piece? Something valuable sounding."

"Its dangerous, Kylin, we should destroy-" Ro-an started.

"Hold on. What has he told you, Ro-an?" Kylin asked putting his hand up to quiet the others. His eyes narrowed at Ro-an at the possibility of having knowledge hidden from him.

"There are a lot of ledgends out there. This piece is no good for sale. The powers we're dealing with are on a whole different level."

"And not selling it is going to get me what? Good boy points?" Kylin spat. He turned his gaze to Kaldon."Give me one reason the three of us shouldn't just kill you and sell it anyways. For example, do we get to sell you instead, balance the cost?"