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A smirk crept across Kaldon’s face, the same smug grin he back at the bar. “Wow, your moral compass only points toward the gold doesn’t it?” He snickered. “You must be the most uncultured avian I’ve ever met. It’s the Oblivion blade, it’s a legend older than the fuckin’ Nocturnal War and you seem to be the only avian to have never heard of it.” He bent down and grabbed the hilt with his cyber hand from under the chair. “As for why you aren’t going to kill me, well, there’s still this.” He projected laser dots on to everyone’s head. “But threats aren’t necessary because, unlike you, I’m a man of honor.” He turned to Ro-an and gave a sympathetic look. “I told you I’d give it to him if you couldn’t convince him to destroy it.” He turned back to Kylin and tossed the hilt at him. “It’s all yours. The hilt, the money you get from selling it, the guilt when you realize that whoever buys it is probably going to try to destroy the world. This is only one piece of the oblivion blade, but if one surfaces the rest will surface soon after. If the blade is re-forged it can be used to open a portal to the underworld. So, by all means, if cash means more to you than the rest of the world, if you can live with that guilt, go ahead and sell it, but you won’t be able to enjoy the spoils for very long.” He turned to Ro-an again. “I’m sorry. You seem to be the only one in your little group that understands the severity of the situation. In another time I would have gladly fought by your side. Men of honor are rare lately. Come and see me if you ever want to get away from him, chances are we’ll all be fighting for our lives soon enough, better to be fighting on the side of honor.”