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Kylin looked down at the hilt, heavy in his hands and studied its appearance for once actually looking at it. Ro-an was silent, watching him, he himself seemed to have decided not to respond to Kaldon's remarks, it was Kylin's time to speak.

"I really do hate people like you, Kaldon. All honor and grace until it comes to someone you don't like. One evening and you're ready to leap at the chance to make a judgement on my moral compas and intelligence. I'll wager you expect I used trickery to get Ro-an on my side as well and somehow have him blackmailed to stay with me. What the hell is a warrior like him doing with a low rent thief like me."

Kylin tossed the hilt back to Kaldon and crossed his arms across his chest and chuckled. "Why would you just give something like that up anyhow? Your moral compass must be flawed if just handing something like that over is an ok thing to do in your mind. Especially after you so readily flaunt how disgustingly powerful you are. Somehow standing back and putting your hands up in surrender takes away your guilt. You're not doing this because it's 'the right thing to do'. It's obviously a distraction and a curiosity."

Kylin's gaze flicked around the room until they landed on the photo on the mantle. "A distraction from him maybe?"

He took a few steps forward until he was standing directly in front of Kaldon. He looked him in the eyes, his focus switching between Kaldon's very different looking gaze. "Gold..."

"Tell you what, when this is all over you will pay me. You'll pay me in one kiss. A proper one, on the lips no complaints and no half-assing. I stole from you because you looked interesting, because I liked your stride and I followed you here because you pissed me off with your cocky attitude. There's room for only one narcissist here and that's me. I'll help you destroy the hilt because Ro-an thinks it's the right thing to do and we work together as a team. You don't know it yet but you'll need me. I know a lot about magic-infused weaponry."