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It was... Dark, Vanarak had only left himself for a moment. He did not feel a single thing from the impact. Nothing at all. Simply because of the fact. There was nothing left in his body but that bubbling rage. In reality he had broken two ribs from the impact the club had made. But he was a minotaur, The ribs would cause nothing but pain and his anatomy would make it so that somebody would have to repeatedly puch him in the chest if they wished for one of the bones to penetrate his lungs. A large grunt eminated from the pile of wood before the different boards and rubble flew upwards like a volcano flying haphazardly around him.

He had stood directly up, Crashing both his arms around him, breaking planks in their way, and on instict grabbing the axe on his right. It was still perfectly fine. Another growl bellowed out from him, Like a wolf about to do a deadly trashing upon being forced into a corner. Vanarak had lost control. There had been cases where he had lost it even more than this, But this was still very bad. His eyes, now more animalistic than anything else, His vision was still blurry, only seeing movement around him. He rose up from the pile, swinging his axe in an arc towards Tikal, It was more of a a clumsy swat, Simply attempting to remove anything in his way. The strike did not have much hope to hit.

But Vanarak was in a charge, more blind and deadly than the earlier ones. He was running directly towards Alexander and Lailah, more just spurred by the big figure he could make out. On instict he did one of his favorite moves, grabbing his axe with both hands and doing a grand leap, Swinging the axe in a downwards arc towards both of them. The strike going for Alexander's shoulder and Lailah's chest.

If the strike was to miss or just cut through both of them then Vanarak's charge would continue, Rushing towards Drake, Attempting to simply grab him and slam him into the ground, hoping to just crack his neck in the process