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Ezra blushed at the compliment from the girl beside him, though he tried to hide it well by coughing and shoving more food into his mouth. Its not like he had never been complimented before, he had had past girlfriends but, they had all been superficial and shallow. There was something different about Maya that made Ezra interested. Maybe it was because she was the first smart girl to ever acknowledge his existence? Whatever it is, Ezra was in no rush to find out… But he certainly would be sticking around her.

"I actually can't believe I managed so well.” The girl said and Ezra laughed. “What? C’mon, give yourself some more credit.” She looked rather confused as she admitted the next sentence, “It was… It was fun.” Ezra snorted and took a sip from his goblet. It sounded like she had never had fun before. “Stick around me kid, I have plenty of fun. Nothing like a little rough housing and bruising to get you stoked.” Ezra was a jock, what could he say. He got a kick from any physical activity; his body and mind was hardwired for the flight and fight.

He would have continued the conversation longer, as he had actually been enjoying it, if the world hadn’t seemed to be thrown into chaos around him.


Lexa had been having a pretty good time with another human being for once in a very long time. Lexa was usually prone to sitting in the soothing darkness of Cabin Thirteen, reading books under the light of the green fire sconces scattered on the walls… But instead, today she found herself chuckling at a joke related to the horrid excuse of fiction otherwise known as Twilight.

"Why does that make me feel like I'm Edward Cullen?" Beckett said as he pressed his goblet close to his mouth before continuing, ”If I start sparkling I give you the right to kill me." He smirked slightly before taking a drink. Lexa rolled her eyes and tried to hide her laughter from such a ridiculous joke. It was terrible, and yet made her amused at the same time. What an odd feeling.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t have to ask. If you start giving me that vampire-y constipated look of emotional anguish, I’ll end you in an instant. Much faster if you actually sparkled.” She shook her head and slid her fingers over the pages of her shortly abandoned book. This conversation was actually turning out to be much more fascinating than she had first thought. She had yet to meet someone with such witty comebacks.

After eating for a while longer in a pleasant silence, and Lexa’s compliment to him, he returned the gesture. "Well they're stupid. It was just as much you as it was me.” He said as he looked at his food. She looked at her plate with a twitch of a smile. She rarely got compliments and even half-assed, hard-come-by ones were slightly touching. Not thats she would ever admit that.

She caught him staring at the sword on his hip and a slight wince came over her features. That was going to be a touchy subject for the campers, she knew it. And if Percy and Annabeth saw it… Well there would definitely be some questions. Someone would have to explain it to him, and she was sure it was too scary for most, so she silently volunteered as the one to break it to him. “Listen, about the sword-“ She said as she looked up from her book completely. Before she could say anything though, the image of a scythe appeared over his head and Lexa froze, though her expression didn’t waver. She was rather good at hiding emotions; in this case it was an overwhelming amount of shock. The yellow scythe. That explained a lot.

It was a surprising realization, and despite the gasps of terror around them, Beckett seemed the most shocked. He stumbled from his bench and jumped up, trying to rush from the pavilion, pushing through campers. Unfortunately his efforts were for naught and he was caught by Chiron. Of course, that was not what Lexa was looking at though, rather she turned at the scream of a girl, to see Rachel stumbling through the crowd towards the burning campfire.

Rachel's mouth opened and out poured a green smoke that snaked its way through the crowd before she spoke. Her voice masked by a deeper more ancient voice that spoke in unison with her own; Lexa had never seen this before, but she knew that it was the Oracle that resided inside of Rachel.

Lexa listened carefully to the prophecy; one of the few that had come since Percy and Annabeth’s time. “Child of water, daughter not son.” She looked over to her cousin who looked frightened. It was obvious that was her.

“Another of death, second to none.” Lexa’s breath caught in her throat and she shot up from her seat with a glare. That was… That was talking about her. The other campers could tell too and looked straight at her.

“Wisdoms daughter, a chance of the dice,” So the fourth one in this prophecy was a female, and obviously from Athena. She looked around to see girls whispering to each other, obviously trying to pick out which daughter of Athena it would be.

“And winter’s son, not of fire but ice.” The new kid she had seen earlier. Child of Kihone. One look at him showed Lexa that he was far more scared and confused than most of the campers there. After him came, “A wanderer to keep a watchful eye,” which was a bit more tricky. Logically thinking it could be referring to a child of Hermes, as he was the only one who travelled much like a wanderer, but honestly it could be anyone.

“And where it all comes together, one shall die.
An eternal feud, the final fight,
The end of the world in endless night.”

One of them would die? She looked from Beckett to Reagan and Ezra. One of them could be dead… Or even Lexa herself could be dead. The oracle never lied.

After Rachel’s fainting spell, Lexa looked over to Beckett and caught his glance. He looked scared and confused, and he was looking at her in… pity? She assumed he must have thought this was his fault, dragging her into this… But it was not his fault at all. The fates had a funny way of playing games.

“Campers! Return to your cabins immediately!" Chiron called to the crowd in a no-nonsense kind of tone. He motioned them away before turning to Percy and Annabeth. "Percy. Annabeth. Get Rachel to the med hut, then get Mr. D and meet me in the house." He then turned his attention to his next targets; Beckett, Lexa, Raegan and Ezra. "You four! In the house, now!” He demanded before galloping off.

Lexa took in a deep breath to steady herself before walking forward to Beckett. She looked up at him with a serious face. “Before you apologize… Don't. It was only a matter of time before I was played by The Fates. They don’t particularly like the spawn of the Deathlord. There is one thing you must know though… I am Lexa Abernathy, daughter of Hades and I am not afraid of death.” She said to him in a serious tone. She meant every word. Her older sister Bianca, a child of Hades, had died for her cause before and Lexa would do the same. Death was not an issue to her, though she would never admit her true fear of what, or who, she would would face in the afterlife. Lexa looked up to him, “If I have to, I will be the one to die. There is no need to worry.”


Ezra felt the beginning of a painful headache. He couldn’t keep up with everything that was going on. Creepy green mist like a snake, weird old woman voice, awfully cryptic slam poetry that seemed to include him and the possibility of death… Yeah, his head wasn’t able to comprehend this. He turned to Maya in hopes she may have more answered.

“You’re smart… So can I please ask you a favour? Come with me? Explain this all to me?” He begged. “I may not be able to figure it all out otherwise.”