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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Nervous feelings shot through Rosalie, and she felt like she was going to throw up. Everywhere. All over the dress she wore, all over the ballroom floor, and all over the people she greeted as she stood at the bottom of the stairway, waiting as they descended. Those poor poor people. They wouldn't even know what hit them. Well, they would know what hit them, but they weren't going to expect it, let alone like it.

"Princess Rosalie?" A man spoke, breaking Rose away from her nervous thoughts. Rose's dark brown eyes ran over the partially familiar face of the salt and pepper haired man who stood looking at her inquisitively, a hand jutted out, waiting to be shook. Rose plastered a smile on her face, taking his hand and giving it a soft yet firm shake of greeting. "My apologies, Senator! How have you been, I hope the children are well," Rose smiled, all the while trying to rummage through her memories to recall the man's name. She remembered his kids name's Mason and Mary, but not his. Shoot, what is it!

"The family is doing great! The twins are just waiting for the day you visit their school again, though, it looks as if you've had your hands full, hmm? You're family throws such elaborate parties, I can only imagine what you or your brother's weddings are going to be like." Rosalie was beginning to crawl back into the depths of her mind again, but at the mention of a wedding, her attention shot back like a rubber band- a rubber band that just snapped. "Oh, haha!" Rosalie laughed wildly, her laugh clearly too overdone for the tiny joke he had tried to make. Placing her hand on the Senator's shoulder, she said a little too nervously, "You're so funny, but speaking of my brother, I should go find him! Enjoy the ball!" And with that, Rose shot off like a rocket. Nearly everyone who was invited to the ball should have arrived by now, so hopefully the King wouldn't get too upset that she was skipping out on greeting duties for the night.

She'd been dreading this night ever since her father had told her she was to be married only a month ago. It was to someone from the Swedish Royal family, the second prince. She hadn't even met the dude yet! Of course her father knew she wasn't thrilled with the arrangement, but she also knew Atria needed more political connections, and Sweden wasn't a bad one to have. That being said, she still wasn't happy about it, especially since her father put of their meeting until the night of this ball when the engagement was to be publicly announced. It was like some sort of taunt in her face, a punishment for her disagreement. However, she was more shocked that her father didn't decide for them to wait until the wedding day until they met. Better not jinx it, though. Wouldn't put it past him to decide to do that last minute instead.

God, she hadn't even told Matti yet.

One month of knowing, and she hadn't even confided in the one person who knows every single detail of her life. It made no sense why she hasn't told him. Every time she tried to, it got caught in her throat and she was left staring at him with an open mouth like she was shocked at something. The last time she had saw him was a couple days back, and she told herself over and over again that she would tell him before he found out from someone other than herself, but she just couldn't get it out. What bothered her more was that she didn't know why she couldn't get it out. Every single problem she had, she could discuss with him freely, but for some reason that only the universe could seem the fathom, she just couldn't discuss this with him. She just felt terrible that he would most likely wake up tomorrow reading it in those stupid headlines. Maybe she could sneak out early morning however and get to him before he could. Maybe.

Well, no matter what happens tonight, Rose was sure of one thing. She would force her baby brother to be by her side even if she had to handcuff their wrists together to do it. She wasn't meeting this Stellan dude alone and facing mass amounts of people telling her congratulations about something she wasn't happy about. She just had to find Leo first before her father brought Stellan over to meet her and make the announcement, but time was running out, and even as her eyes scanned around the overly large room, she couldn't see the familiar face of Leon anywhere. Darn.