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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Rosalie was about to leave the ballroom to try to find her brother, her father's rage be damned, but right before she could, Leo whisked up right beside her being his kind hearted, charming little self. Rose let out a long, way over exaggerated groan at his question as to if she'd met him yet and it drew the attention of some of the officials around her, who gave her questioning looks. Letting out a nervous laugh, Rose stated, "Look at me, half an hour into the night and I'm already tired! Maybe I should go dance to wake myself up," while waving a hand dismissively. The people around her either let out chuckles or small smiles as she clutched her brothers hand and dragged him a little ways away, into the corner of the ballroom.

Letting go of his hand, Rose crossed her arms over her chest, glancing up at her brother, grumbling, "I haven't met him yet. Who knows, Father might be teaching him more ways to make my life miserable." In a split second, Rose regretted what she said and she looked away, her eyes sweeping across the people in the room once more. "No, sorry. I'm sure that's not true. I haven't even met him and I'm making terrible judgements." she mumbled. She was going to be nice to him, she was. Just because she wasn't happy with the situation didn't mean the Stellan guy was going to be a bad person. At least she hoped he wasn't. God, she wished she could talk to Matti.

Turning to look at her brother again, a tiny trace of guilt flashed through her eyes as she began to say "Leo, I don't know what I'm going to do. I never even told Matti abou-" Rose's voice got cut off as her Father approached with two very very tall men trailing behind him. Like everything, her father's introduction where quick and curt, and he was gone without even a meaningful acknowledgment, leaving Stellan behind who looked almost as stunned. So tall...





Stellan was so close to turning back. He didn't particularly want to go to a ball tonight and meet a girl he'd never met, yet was supposed to be married to. Truly, he was so close to telling the driver to turn around. It wasn't like he was aggressively against the idea; he'd always known his father would try to marry him off for political connections. It's what always happened. He'd just hoped to meet someone before his father set something up. But being the "asocial broody boy", as his elder brother liked to call him, it was hard meeting people, let alone finding someone you'd actually want to marry. But whatever the case, Stellan had committed to it and was just going to have to ride it out. Though, he hoped he could escape the elaborate engagement ball early on in the night. He didn't like socializing with large groups of important people in Sweden, and he could only imagine the relentless and boring conversation of officials from a different country entirely.

"I can't believe he couldn't even get away for a single day to come here with you," sighed Alarik, his elder brother. Stellan let out a low chuckle, still staring out the car window as he replied, "Why? You really hate spending time with me that much?" This was a joke of course. Stellan and Alarik were as close as siblings could get. Well, as close as two siblings could be who's schedules barley ever lined up considering their very different stances. Alarik was the next King of Sweden and had more political things to do. Stellan, on the other hand, didn't.

The 'he' in question in his brothers earlier statement was their father, King Erik. Originally it was intended for just his father to come with him just for the ball in order to meet the Song family in it's small entirety, yet an unexpected set back held their father back and Alarik took his place. His father assumed it wasn't going to be a big issue as he had already met Roaslie's dad in an earlier meeting when the King of Atria had come to Sweden earlier in the year when the engagement had been originally set up. Alarik on the other hand thought it was entirely inappropriate and unreasonable that his father wasn't there. Stellan was indifferent.

"Of course not. This just might look really bad on him. This is more of a business transaction between him and King Ho-Jun than anything, you and the girl are just the goods." Stellan let out a half chuckle-snort at his brother's word choices. "I'm glad to be such a useful object." Stellan casted a sideways glance at his brother, who let out another sigh and gave an apologetic look. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I just hope dad let King Ho-Jun know that he wasn't coming and didn't leave it to us to spring it as a surprise." Stellan simply nodded in agreement, looking back out the window as the car finally pulled up to the Song Palace.

In a flurry of movement, Stellan's car door was opened and he and Alarik were quickly ushered and shown inside the palace. As soon as he entered the ballroom, King Ho-Jun greeted them with a smile that Stellan felt was precisely practiced as a show face. It wasn't fully real. "Welcome to the Palace! I heard that your Father couldn't make it. It's a real pity, but I thank you Prince Erik for being here in his place." Erik nodded and continued to make polite chatter. Stellan muttered a small greeting before letting his eyes wander around the room. There were so many people. "Well come on boys, I'll introduce you to Rosalie and we'll get this announcement out of the way so the night can really start." In almost a blink of an eye, King Ho-Jun whisked them off and soon they stood in front two people, a brunette girl and boy who looked an awful lot like siblings. He barley had time to really register their faces on a more detailed level before King Ho-Jun stated firmly, "this is my daughter Rosalie, and my son Leon. Prince Stellan, I'll leave you to get introduced while me and your brother quickly make the rounds before announcing the engagement." And with that, they were gone. Wow, that man just kept going and going.

"Wow, you must have drank a lot of milk as a kid." spoke a soft voice that sounded almost amazed and confused at the same time. Stellan glanced down at the girl, Rosalie, who must have been nearly a foot shorter than him. Quirking an eyebrow up, Stellan cleared his throat slightly, asking "what?" For a second, she just continued to stare up at him, almost like she was studying him. But it ended shortly as she shook her head slightly as if getting out of her head, and glanced down at her feet. "Ah, uh- sorry. You're just really tall."