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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Rosalie was grateful for her brother's interjection into her already awkward introduction to Stellan. She could hit her head on the wall for what she had said. It wasn't like she was wrong or anything, he was very tall, but to say he must have drank a lot of milk? Really? The only thing that could have been more appalling and embarrassing for her to say would have been to ask him if he owned a cow! Maybe he did, though. It's not super unusual for royal families to get produce and farm stock from some people as gifts, but... God. She was getting carried away again. Snap out of it, Rose!

Getting her head wrapped around reality once more, Rose tried joining in on her brother's greetings. "Yes, sorry! Sometimes my thoughts just slip out of my mouth. It's nice to meet you both. You can just call me Rose by the way, Rosalie is a bit of a mouthful." She smiled, extending her hand to shake both Stellan and his brother's hand. Rose's nerves hadn't quite settled yet. Stellan looked pretty intimidating, and not only because Rosalie had to strain her neck to look up at him. He stood sort of rigidly, and his large sunken eyes only added to his slightly dark look. However, when he shook her hand it was gentle, so she hoped that might signify that his personality was not too harsh. Never judge a book by it's cover.

"It's lovely to finally meet you both," Alarik spoke, a kind smile spreading across his face. Stellan grunted something inaudible in reply, his stiff demeanor looking as if it was growing more uncomfortable by the minute. Poor guy. She knew exactly how he felt. "I hope you had a safe trip over here. Have you gotten a chance to tour the palace and city yet? Me and Leon would be more than happy to show you around tomorrow," Rose smiled, gently squeezing her brother's hand. Alarik casted a sideways glance at Stellan, but his head was turned away, his large green eyes scanning over the tops of everyone's head as he looked around the room. "The trip was good, thank you. Unfortunately I fly back tonight, but I'm sure Stellan would be more than happy to join you two tomorrow," quipped Alarik, who rested a hand on Stellan's shoulder, which brought the tall prince's attention back. "Oh, sure. Sounds good."





Letting out a silent chuckle at Leon's speaking on Rose's behalf, Stellan simply nodded in reply. At least they seemed nice and more relaxed than their father was. More personable. Their smile's weren't as fake as his, but he could tell both of them were a little on edge. Hell, he was too.

While Rose talked to his brother, Stellan took the time to study the Song siblings. They were both attractive, that he had no doubt of. Rose was as feminine as a girl could be, especially in the blue, flower-decorated dress she wore. Her brother, on the other hand, shared her delicate features. He wasn't overtly masculine, but Stellan sensed a sort of edginess about him. He could see more of their european heritage through him, and it was an interesting mix.

Letting his eyes scan over the ballroom, Stellan took in the grandness of it all. There was so many people around him and it just added more discomfort on top of the discomfort he'd already felt. He felt the urge to nervously run a hand through his hair, but as he reached u to do just that, he had to stop himself. His hair had been gelled slightly back and he didn't want to mess it up, though it wasn't like he cared about it too much. Alarik would just slap him upside the head though if he looked even the least bit not put together.

Suddenly he felt a squeeze to his shoulder, and his brothers had sent an almost grounding effect through him. Glancing back at both Rose and Leon, he replied, "Oh, sure. Sounds good." He'd hoped he heard what they had been talking about correctly, or else his answer wouldn't make sense.

"You'll have to forgive Stell over here for his disposition. He's not one for parties," Alarik commented in a disapproving tone, casting a look his way. Stellan was about to interject, before Alarik cut him off. "Oh, I see your father beckoning us over. Must be time to make the announcement, let's go along, shall we?" Stellan nodded his head, as he looked back over at Rosalie, whom he'd caught glancing at her own brother with nervous eyes. Clearing his throat, Stellan watched as his brother strode over to the kings side, before glancing back and Rose and saying, "Sorry about all this." Rose looked from her brother back to Stellan, offering a sheepish sort of grin. "Oh, no don't apologize! These sort of things are always a bit weird. I mean I would assume so, I uh- well I've never actually been in this scenario before but uhm... sorry. Yep, let's go." And with that, she walked towards her father, Stellan trailing behind her.

As they reached a sort of platformed area on the ballroom floor, Stellan stood rigidly beside the petite girl, his hands behind his back. He stared at the wall straight ahead, trying to avoid any eye contact with those who gathered around at the sight of the King announcing something. "As you may have guessed, I have gathered you all here tonight to announce something very special." the King started, drawing the attention of the last few people who already hadn't turned their gaze towards him. "I am here to announce the official engagement between my Daughter, Princess Rosalie Song, to the second Prince of Sweden, Stellan Mikaelsson. I hope you will all join me in my wish to congratulate them."