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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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L E O N. S O N G
As much as he loves to read, Leon has never been good at reading people. Still, even he could tell the prince was uncomfortable with this situation, and who's to blame him? Had it been Leon in this situation, he may have opted out of showing up at all and just hid for the rest of his life. He felt a sense of admiration for this man, and his sister as well, for confronting this situation. Maybe this was why their father preferred Rosalie over Leon. She had always been much more responsible when it came to her royal duties. The air between the four siblings felt a bit rigid. They were all on edge which made these kinds of situations even more difficult to handle, still, Leon had no problem navigating through the awkward conversation.

There was an agreement to show Stellan around the next day, and considering the fact that his brother would be leaving tonight, the prince assumed he would be the couple's chaperone. Not that they needed one, but Leon could almost guarantee that Rosalie would force him to go along. "Sorry about all this." the small prince was brought out of his thoughts by the man's voice. It had been almost hard to hear before because of the bustling of the party guests, but everyone now had began to quit down. The moment of truth was finally here. Before they parted ways, Leon sent his sister off with a soft kiss on her forehead. It was his way of saying "you'll be okay", though he didn't know that for a fact.

The two made their way up to the small platform beside the king and Leon almost felt nauseous. A month of knowing this was going to happen and he hadn't been able to do anything about it, now it was finally here. In felt unreal, in a sense, like this was all some kind of weird dream. But as he stood just a few feet away and listened to his father's announcement, it was impossible to ignore. The room suddenly erupted with noise, mostly applause, but also murmurs of confused and surprised party guests. The noise was a bit too much for Leon's ears, but he resisted the urge to leave. Rosalie would need him there. "Engagement...?" the familiar voice snapped Leon back to reality. Looking in the direction where it came from, he came to find a very confused looking Mateo having suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Matti? When did you-?" stopping himself mid-sentence, Leon quickly reached for his phone. As expected, he had three unopened messages from the Spaniard. He let out an apologetic sigh before putting the device away. "I'm sorry, didn't mean to miss your messages"


M A T E O. V A R G A S
Mateo had been beyond thrilled that he made it inside the palace without any problems. The guard at the gate didn't question his being there and the guards at the palace entrance let him walk right in. Mateo figured it was thanks to Leon. Grateful that he hadn't left him to mend by himself, he had sent him a message. <I'm inside. Had no problems getting through. Thank you!> But now he was at a loss for what to do. Should he just walk over to the ballroom in integrate himself as one of the night's staff? Should he wait for Leon to come and get him? The Spaniard was a bit uneasy, and the last thing he wanted was to get caught out of place. After waiting a few minutes for Leon's response, but not getting one, he decided to head over to the ball room. He would just have to pretend to be one of the waiters for the night until he found the siblings.

The palace was just as enormous and expensive as Mateo remembered it being. He had been inside several times, back when he was just a small teen. The king hadn't always been against his being there. There was a time when the man actually welcome Mateo inside and let him spend time with his children. That was all before the queen passed away. After that day, Matti had not been allowed to set foot anywhere inside or near this palace, as if he were to blame for the queen's death. To some extent, Matti understood why the king was acting the way he was. Losing someone you loved dearly was never easy, and Matteo was not family. NOr was he a friend of the king, he was merely a friend of his children. Mateo didn't hate the king for treating him differently, but that still didn't mean it was right.

Finally making his way inside the ballroom, he was suddenly overwhelmed. The large space was packed from wall to wall with people of different shapes, sizes and ethnicity, and every one of them looked important. Taking advantage of his height, Mateo stretched his neck to look over the heads of the party guests. It didn't take him very long to spot Leon and Rosalie. They were off to one side of the room talking to a pair of very tall men. By the way they were dressed, Mateo assumed they were extremely rich and extremely important. Not wanting to interrupt whatever conversation they had going on, he decided to take a step back and wait until they were finished. He knew better than to stick his nose into royal family affairs. From afar, he could see the king making his way onto a small platform at the center of the ballroom. This must be the announcement Leon had mentioned. Mateo watched silently, confusion slowly taking over as Rosalie parted ways with Leon and joined her father up on the balcony along with one of the strange men. A very odd and uneasy feeling began to settle into his stomach as the king began to speak, his words barely registering in Mateo's mind. Rosalie...prince...engagement. It all began to blend together and before he knew it, he had made his way to the front beside Leon. "Engagement?". Leon looked surprised, but not as surprised as the look on Mateo's face. Rosalie and the prince made their way down from the platform. Mateo felt paralyzed, like he had just been drenched in buckets of ice cold water. "You're getting married...?" he said, his voice almost noticeable shaky. "Congratulations...". The word was empty, just like his forced smile.