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located in Polara, a part of Legends of Gialpha, one of the many universes on RPG.


Northern most region


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Character Portrait: Vanarak the White Bull Character Portrait: Yevoc Cryoblood Character Portrait: Ash Jinxwisp Character Portrait: Tikal Character Portrait: Lailah Van Telias Character Portrait: Drake de Lascaux Character Portrait: Nyx Sadow Character Portrait: Alexander Typhen Character Portrait: The Guardian
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So much was going on around him, Ash was finding it hard to concentrate. The bull seemed to be settling down, though not at all calm. A new avian seemed to appear out of nowhere and was helping the others for which he was grateful. He could sense that Lailah was beginning to wake but he wasn’t finished healing her yet. He knew he had to speed up the process and the blood that had pooled in the crater began to flow from the crater back into the few open wounds that remained like a waterfall going in reverse. Ash knew the blood would help her to regain her strength. After all the blood had gone back into her there was nothing more he could do, she was healed but she had to wake up on her own. He took her back to the cave to get away from the bull should he decide to go on a rampage again. He set her down gently. “Hey, uh… girl, you need to wake up. We’re not exactly in a safe place right now.” He spoke as he shook her shoulders in an attempt to wake her up.

Yevoc was following the trail of dust as quickly as he could before it dissipated. He managed to get to the center of Frosthiem before it completely vanished. Luckily, he saw that the trail had led directly to an old cemetery and seemed to end abruptly at a plain looking headstone. As he walked through the city he was met with stares, muffled gasps, pointing and whispering. He had almost forgotten the fact that he was royalty until these people began to make a big deal out of seeing one of eleven princes of Polara. Before he could get to the gate of the cemetery, he was already swarmed by a mob of people. “Okay, look everyone, I need you all to back off of me.” He began to shout in order to be heard. “I have some important business to take care of, but afterward I will sign autographs and answer all the questions you want. Just let me do what I have to do first. Please go back to your daily routines.”