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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Rosalie kept her head down the whole way as she made it to her room, only lifting it as she gave polite hello's to the maids that she passed by the down the halls. She was thankful none of them made any effort to stop her to ask where she was going with the ball in full swing. She liked all the workers who lived in the palace. Some of them had been their since she was a really young child. She made sure to know all their names by heart, which wasn't that hard because most of them, if not all, she considered friends.

As she entered into her too-large room, she immediately slipped off the long gown and threw it over one of the chairs that rested in the corner, before quickly rummaging through her closet and throwing on a much more comfortable outfit. Taking a deep breath for what seemed like the first time in awhile, she moved over to her vanity and undid her hair from the tight up-do in which it had been set in before, letting it fall in loose curls over her shoulders as she began brushing her fingers through it in more of a nervous gesture than one of trying to get the knots out.

Rose began to take hesitant steps towards her balcony window, afraid to see if Matti was there or not. Though it was going to be hard to face him and actually talk to him, it would be even harder if he wasn't there. If he wasn't, she knew she would never be able to forgive herself for not telling him. She wasn't sure if she could forgive herself even now. She needed him, and she felt as though she had betrayed him. God, how could she have not told him? He really shouldn't be down there! He should never talk to her again.

Opening up the doors, she stepped out into the cool air and glanced down. Rose's eyes directly caught those of the familiar boy who, by simply just being there, proved that he had a much better heart than she did. But it's why she loved him. He was the sweetest person who could make her smile in even the most horrible of situations. Yet, as she looked down at him now with his face reflecting a sort of pained look, she only felt guilt and shame in being the one who caused that. He'd given her everything, and in return, Rose had only done this.

Climbing down, she stiffened slightly as he helped her, but relaxed the moment her feet touched the ground. As he took her hand, Mateo directed them away from the palace, neither of them saying a word as they escaped. When they were a safe distance away, they took a moment to stop in order to figure out where to go to next. Rose took a quick glance around her surroundings and her eyes quickly settled on an old trail leading into the forest. She knew exactly where to go. Still holding onto his hand and saying nothing, Rose began to take the lead down the old, but still familiar, trail path.

In a short fifteen minute walk, Rose and Mateo stepped into a small clearing area. Years ago, the area was a lot more grassy and untouched, yet now there were wild flowers growing in places there weren't before, and a few fallen trees that moss grew over like a soft blanket. However, the one large tree in the middle of it all still stood upright, but the wooden fort that they had built many years on the tree had grown weak and broken in some parts. Rose couldn't remember the last time they went to their old fort. It must have been before her and Leon's mother died.

Finally dropping his hand, Rose walked slowly over to the base of the tree, resting a hand on one of the planks nailed into the bark as a ladder. The wood had grown soggy from all the times it had rained over the past year, and even with her soft grip, pieces of the wood came falling off easily. No matter, Rose kept her eyes on it, picking at the pieces that kept falling down. "I should have told you," Rose spoke, her voice still quiet in her shame. When she finally stopped picking at it, Rose still kept her hand and eyes on the soft plank of wood as she whispered, "Matti, I'm so sorry," unsure if she was apologizing for the way he found out, or by the fact that she was engaged all together.





Stellan let out a deep chuckle at Leon's zipping of the mouth. He was sort of glad that he rambled on. Nothing was more worse then petty small talk or awkward silences between two people.

"I'll take you up on both the drink and library offer," Stellan nodded as if Leon had read his mind. Literally. It was a little spooky. "I'll be glad to get away. My brother wasn't kidding when he said I wasn't one for parties. I get sort of-" Stellan stopped, trying to think of the correct term for a moment. "... uncomfortable in crowded areas."

Turning abruptly on his heel, Stellan started a slow stride over to the bar that he had noticed almost immediately upon coming in. What a sad statement of his priorities. Stellan barley casted a glance to those around him, and only stopped once on his endeavour over to the liquor when a forty-something year old man strode in his path, arm extended expectingly. "Hello, Prince Stellan! A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Gerald Kang, one of the Song family lawyers." Taking his hand for a fleeting moment, Stellan shook it once before dropping it, simply stating a small "Hello." Gerald cleared his throat slightly, squaring his shoulders in an almost awkward seeming gesture. "Yes, well, I hope you like Atria so far. I was talking to your brother only a short moment ago and he mentioned that you are fond of classical music? There's never a shortage of concerts in and around the city surrounding the palace so I'm sure you won't get bored." Stellan stiffened slightly, unsure how to respond. "Ah, well, I'll be sure to keep an eye out." Kang gave a sort of unsure smile, only nodding his head. After a long moment of pause where neither said anything, Kang made an obvious gesture of looking around, before asking, "And where is the lovely bride to be? Already got into a lover's quarrel, hmm?" Stellan stared at him for a moment, now entirely unsure of what to say. Flicking his green gaze over to Leon for a moment, he briefly moved his gaze back to Kang stating, "No, she uh, went to the bathroom. Please excuse me." Giving him a polite nod of the head in goodbye, stellan slipped right past him to walk up to the bar.

After ordering his whiskey, Stellan turned to talk to Leon once more, picking up their earlier conversation as if though no time had past at all. "You sounded unsure before. You think she would keep something like that from you?" Propping his elbow up on the wooden bar top, he leaned back casually, until the bar tender politely tapped his shoulder, passing him his drink. He found Leon fairly easy to talk to so far, compared to others he had met. Maybe it was because of his ramblings before. Stellan could tell it was just his nature, and not just something to say in order to hold a conversation out of some false polite duty.