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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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L E O N. S O N G
Still feeling a bit intimidated, Leon made a mental note to control his rambling. Stellan didn't seem to mind it, but he could just be pretending so as to not be rude. Although, if being around so many strangers made him uncomfortable, maybe it didn't hurt to have someone talking to him. At the very least he could step in on the chance that anyone asked for Rosalie's whereabouts. Leon was fairly quick on his feet when it came to things like this.

Surely enough, it didn't take long for someone to approach him. Leon listened quietly from a few feet away as Mr. Kang spoke to Stellan. It all seemed to be running smoothly, that is, until he asked for his bride to be. Leon didn't miss Stellan's nervous glass and quickly followed after him, but not before telling Mr. Kang all about how Rose's bride's maids had planned a surprise for her after the announcement was made and Leon was in charge of looking after her fiance for the time being. The man seemed pleased enough and walk off with a satisfied grin on his face. Leon couldn't help but wonder when he had become such a good liar.

Meeting up with the impossibly tall man at the bar, Leon contemplated having a drink. Technically, he could not legally drink for several more months, but being the prince had it's perks. "You sounded unsure before. You think she would keep something like that from you?". Leon casted a glance in his direction, suddenly feeling a little uneasy again. The thought of Rosalie keeping something so important from her own brother, whom she claimed to trust 110%, felt almost impossible. Especially since he was as close to Mateo as she was. Leon's large chocolate eyes stared at the marbled counter for a moment before tilting his head in Stellan's direction. "No, i'm sure she would tell me" he said, partly to answer Stellan's question, and partly to convince himself that it was true. The bartender came around a second time and Leon gave him a soft smile. A smile that the man already knew all too well. "You know, one of these days your father will find out and he'll have my head" the almost middle aged man said playfully, to which Leon responded with an innocent laugh. "I'm sure he's got much more important things to worry about besides his underage son drinking. Besides, in a few more months you won't even have to worry about it". The man gave in with ease and passed Leon his usual. Leon had never been a big fan of alcohol, but on nights like these he needed something a little heavier than coffee. Putting his cup down, he slipped off the stool before turning to Stellan. "Library?". He assumed the "asocial" prince was more than itching to leave the crowded ball room and Leon on his part wasn't opposed to getting a bit of fresh air.


M A T E O. V A R G A S
Not speaking felt really strange...awful even. Anytime Rosalie and Mateo were together there was chatter. Of anything and everything under the son. Rose loved to talk to him, and Matti loved to listen, but tonight was different. She wasn't speaking, and whatever she may have to say to him, he wasn't sure he would want to listen. They spoke briefly, deciding on where to go to get away from the real world for a while, and settled on a childhood memory. A place Rose, Leo and Matti had created as kids. Mateo would hide with them there on the occasions that they wanted to escape the royal life and just...breathe. Somehow, the air always felt clearer. So there they went, hoping to find some piece of mind among all the confusion.

When they finally arrived, Mateo almost didn't recognize the place. The only thing that stood proud still was the tree, as if it had stayed frozen in time while everything else moved forward. The Spaniard watched silently as Rose made her way to it. There was a pause, slightly suffocating, before she spoke. Mateo didn't really have a response to what she said. All this time to think and he had still not thought of anything to say, other than his initial question. [color=#00ff00["How long have you known?"[/color]. Perhaps she had just found out that morning or the night before. It would explain which she had never brought it up on the times they had meet before. It was unlikely, a large part of him knew that, but a small part of him hoped he was wrong.

His eyes didn't leave hers. Maybe he wouldn't like what she had to say, but he needed to hear it regardless. He couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he hadn't gone to the party at all. Would she have told him anything, or would she have kept ignoring it until the day of the wedding. He couldn't help but feel a little angry, betrayed, hurt mostly. It wasn't even rational for him to feel this way, it's like Rosalie belonged to him. And yet, deep down it felt like she did and this stranger was taking her away from him.