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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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For a moment, Rosalie let all her stresses fall away when he brought her into his arms. It instantly made her feel better, it always had, but as she begun the slink her arms around him, she abruptly stopped, instead simply pressing her palms firmly against his chest. She wasn't exactly pulling away, but she wasn't hugging him back either. How could she let him comfort her? She'd hurt him. Bad. He should be yelling and screaming at her. She wouldn't blame him.

Letting out a strangled laugh, Rose shook her head fervently, saying, "It's not okay." Slipping away from his arms, Rose stepped away to look up at him, yet still stood close enough to him that if he took a step forward he'd knock her down. Wiping the rest of the tears away from her eyes, she dropped her arms down to her sides determinedly and pleaded softly, "Get mad at me, okay? Yell at me. Hate me. I kept this secret from you and I can't even give you an explanation as to why!"

This whole not knowing thing was really starting to bug her. She needed to give him an explanation. It's what she owed him. She'd do absolutely anything for him, anything with no questions asked. He was her family! He was one of the two people who she loved with her whole heart! She had no trouble telling Leon. He wasn't happy about it of course, but she wasn't either so she wasn't afraid of his reaction on the matter. Why was she so scared of Matti's reaction? Obviously he hadn't seemed happy with it just as she wasn't, but would she have expected him to have been happy about it? Or not care? Maybe that was it. Maybe she was scared her wouldn't care if she got married or not, but why- Oh... shit.

Dropping down, Rose abruptly sat down on the mossy log, bringing her head down to her knees as ran both her hands through her hair. Shaking her head slightly again, Rose let out a painful groan of, "This- no, I can't, oh god." She was an idiot! A bloody idiot!





Taking the occasional sip of whiskey as they made their way to the library, Stellan barley gave any passing glance at his surroundings. He was just damn happy to be away from the ball. He could finally breath again.

As they walked through the double doors, a slight shiver ran up Stellan's spine as the breeze from the open balcony doors hit him. It was nice. Fresh air and libraries were a good mix. He liked the smell of old books as much as the next guy who spent half his time in a library, but when their were a bunch of old books in one place, it was a bit much. Setting his glass down on one for the side tables by a lounger chair, Stellan shrugged off his tux jacket before setting it gently across the arm. He also went about loosening the maroon tie he wore.

Turning back to look at Leon as he went to talk to his cat, the corner of Stellan's mouth twitched up in a half smile. Good thing he wasn't the only one who talked to animals. He was happy they allowed them in the palace at least. He knew some royals were a bit stingy with the whole shedding problem. Stellan had a habit of finding hurt animals and bringing them inside. He'd taken to hiding them in unused servants quarters in his family's palace.

Turning to go walk about the room slightly, he took to looking at the collection of books the library held. Form what it appeared, there was a bit of everything. As Stellan went to take one off the shelf to inspect it, Leon's voice brought him back to reality, and he looked over his shoulder at the prince. Shrugging at his comment "You'd think you came to marry me instead of Rose", Stellan gave a slight smile as he replied back, "Either way, it wouldn't make much difference to me." Slipping back the book in it's original slot, Stellan was hit with the realization that his words could be misconstrued as saying that he didn't care who it was because he didn't care for either equally, which most defiantly wasn't the case.

Shooting his glance back at Leon, Stellan opened his mouth and rambled out, "Ah- wait, I think that came out wrong. It's not that your sister's not nice, I mean, I don't know her of course, but uh... It's not that you aren't nice either, you are, I just meant it that I don't really have a preference between guy or, uh, girl." It wasn't like his sexuality was a secret or anything. Everyone in his family knew.

Clearing his throat gruffly, Stellan made his way over to pick up his drink and take another swig, only setting it down once more to comment plainly, "Did you know cats can't taste sweetness."