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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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L E O N. S O N G
Leon knew he hadn't done anything wrong. Were it up to him, Rosalie would get to marry whoever she wanted whenever she wanted, Stellan as well. For all he knew, Stellan had someone at home he would much rather be with, yet he was being forced to be here between strangers. The prince sighed, slowly getting to his feet. It really was all bullshit, because here they were apologizing to one another when in reality the ones that should have been apologizing didn't see how wrong all of this was. "You haven't done anything wrong either" he finally said, running his hands along the spines of the books, his eyes searching for the one he had been working on finishing. As much as Leon would like to blame him, the prince had no fault in all this. He was only a pawn in the kings' chess game, just like Rosalie.

"You don't have to apologize either...especially not to me" his words were soft, yet firm. Leon's subtle examination of the books told him that some were out of place. Of course they had maids to put things such as these in order, but when it came to the books, Leon preferred to do the job and the maids knew this well. When it came down to it, he's the only one that really knew where the books went. He had been the one to put them all in place in the first place. Each author had their own section. "We're not upset because you're here..." he added, pulling out one of the books that was out of place and scanning the shelves for it's respective spot. After a bit of searching, he spotted it's place just a few shelves above his head. "so please don't feel like we dislike you or anything like that. We don't, er..I don't. I can't really speak for Rose but..." reaching up over his head, it suddenly dawned on Leon that he was just a few inches short of reaching the shelf. He raised himself on the tip of his feet in an attempt to reach. "I know her well enough- I know she'll like you too. I'm sure of it." he said, his words almost cutting off from his efforts to reach the empty spot on the shelf. After several attempts and getting nowhere, he gave out a sigh of defeat and lowered his arm, slightly glaring at the book in his hand. "I know this is...well, bullshit, but we should look on the bright side" he said, offering the prince a genuine smile. If he couldn't stop the marriage from happening, the least he could do was make the burden a little bit easier on them. "At least you get a pretty awesome brother-in-law in the process"

Maybe that wasn't enough to ease the tension of the situation, but it was the best he could come up with at the time. Leon only hoped Stellan didn't already have someone he was in love with or looking to date, otherwise that would make things twice as hard on him. This was one of the main reasons Leon had decided to stay as far away from love as possible. One day he too would have to marry some princess he has never even met before, and when that day came, he didn't want to have anything, or anyone, to lose. Looking at the book once more, he decided to give it another go. Normally he would go for the small ladder, but it had broken just recently, so his rather small figure was all he had. Stretching up as far as he possibly could, he reached for the empty spot on the shelf once again, but just like before, it was useless. If anything, it seemed to be getting higher each time he tried.


M A T E O. V A R G A S
There was a short pause as Rosalie and Mateo stared at one another, their foreheads touching gently, his hand still on her cheek. Mateo felt the overwhelming need to scoop her up in his arms and run away. Run as far away as he possibly could without looking back, and get her out of this mess. But he couldn't do that to his family, who depended on him to live. And Leon, who would have to deal with the mess left behind. They were trapped here, no matter how badly they wanted to leave. For a moment, Matti said nothing, his thoughts taking him somewhere he shouldn't have gone. It would only take moving his face just a couple of inches forward and...

"Shoot, I- I, uhm-" before he knew it, it was over. The Spaniard stared in complete shock as Rosalie scrambled for words. WHy was she apologizing? Had it been her that did that? Mateo could have sworn it was him. It was exactly was he was thinking of doing. Blinking several times as if it would get rid of the confusion, he took another step forward, carefully stepping over the look to close the gap Rosalie had put between them. Could it be that maybe...just maybe... she felt the same way about him. They had been so close all this time...why hadn't either of them realized this sooner. To think of all the time they wasted.

As if guided by pure inertia, Mateo's arms slowly wrapped around the princess' waist, being carefully not to scare her. His body seemed to move on his own as he slowly closed what little space there was between them. Before he knew it, their lips were touching again, but this time it was his doing. This he was certain of. He held her close, as if he were afraid that something were going to suddenly come and pull her out of his arms, and he kissed her. Something he had never thought of doing before, or rather, something he had never allowed himself to think before. Unlike Rose, Mateo didn't pull away instantly. Infact, he lingered as long as he possibly could, only pulling away after several long seconds. His eyes scanned her face for several seconds, looking for signs of approval. This was crazy. Insane really. "Rosalie I..." insane, even. This was the worst possible moment he could have chosen to say this, but that didn't stop him at all. "I think I love you.."