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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Rosalie stared so wide eyed as he stepped over the log and snaked his arms around her waist. He did it so gently that she was glad she had the support of his arms or she'd melt right to the ground. Blinking rapidly, she pushed those thoughts to the back of her head in order to get back to reality. Opening her mouth to sputter out an exclamation to ask what he was doing, he pressed his lips to hers before she could even breath a single word out. Wow.

Without so much as a second thought, Rosalie returned his kiss as she lifted her arms to wrap them around his neck, having to go right on her tiptoes as she did so. Leaning into him slightly for support subconsciously afraid she would tip over, all it managed to deepen the kiss a bit more. The only thing that forced Rose to fully realize what she was doing was when Matti slowly leaned away to move their faces apart. Keeping her arms still wrapped around his neck, she only stared back at him, exactly trying to figure out what the heck just happened. She honestly thought she'd black out or something. But no. He'd kissed her. Right? He did. Yup.

At his admission of love, Rosalie planted her feet firmly back to the ground, feeling an ache in her toes from having rested her weight on them all this time. When she got lower, her hands slid from his neck to rest against his chest. All she could do was look at him and process what he'd said, somehow completely disregarding the fact the kiss had happened at all. "We've been best friends for years, I'd at least hope you loved me," she mumbled perplexed, not really realizing she'd spoken it out loud as she intended it to only be a thought in her head. God knows how many time's she'd told him she loved him; whenever she left to go back to palace, when she ended phone calls- yeah, she's also told him she hated him a couple of times but that was only teasing and she didn't mea... Ooooooh, wait. The wheels stopped turning in her head and realization flooded through her. He told you that after kissing you. After you kissed him after coming to terms with your own feelings! Use your head, Rose.

"Wait, you mean... in love with me?" She blinked up at him, her voice sounding like a squeaky mouse who just had it's tail stepped on. "I'm an idiot, I'm a damn idiot," she groaned out dropping her arms down to her sides and plonking her head on Matti's chest in a defeated gesture as she stared down at her shoes. She was entirely frustrated at her own thought process only a moments ago.

In a split second, Rose sprang her head up, looking back up at Matti. Snapping back to reality yet again, she processed all that had just happened for what it was. Rose found out she had feelings for Matti. She kissed him. She freaked out. He kissed her. He told her he loved her. Rose had only mumbled to herself, not giving a reply to his admission of feelings. What an awful person Rose was. Feeling a blush rise furiously, she only hoped the darkness of the sky would hide the red flush that must have spread across her cheeks. Opening her mouth in a wide 'O' shape, Rose was about to come out with her own feelings, but it was like a frog had jumped in her throat, and she just couldn't get any words out. Come on, not this again!

Closing her mouth, she cleared her throat in order to try again, simultaneously trying to calm her racing heart with sheer will power of mind. "I-" she spoke, her voice closing up. Just spit it out! "I love you," she blurted, before scrambling and saying again dumbly, "I'm in love with you." The feeling of nervousness she had felt earlier had no competition against the knots her stomach was in now. She was freaking out. Taking a small step backwards as she squeaked out again. "What are we gunna do! Matti," before she could finished her sentence, her foot stepped on a twig and it rolled under her, causing her to lose her footing and fall right on her back as she let out a loud noise of surprise. Feeling the heat in her cheeks just get worse, Rose threw both arms over her face to cover it up as she let out a strangled noise that was in between an irritated groan and an embarrassed dry sob.





Slowly making his way back over to the chair that his coat rested upon, he gently set the book down on the cushion as gingerly as he would a child. Listening as Leon made his speech, he nodded absentmindedly at some of the things until he finished. Walking up right behind him and chuckling, Stellan said, "I guess my soon to be brother is law isn't too awful," before reaching up and easily plucking the book from Leon's hand and gently pushing it in the spot in which he had been aiming for. Dropping his arm to Leon's shoulder, he gave it a pat, before adding, "I think I like his cat better though," in a low teasing tone.

Stepping back slightly, Stellan peered at the books, noticing for the first time how meticulously they were placed. It seemed to be a good system. "Well, whatever happens with this. my intentions not to be a pain in you or your sister's ass. I'm not expecting anything out of this. If I ever do anything to piss you off just be sure to tell me." Going over to sit in his chair, he made sure to pick up the book before he settled himself down gracefully. "Not saying I'll be happy that you're telling me I'm pissing you off but I'll cool down eventually and hate myself for my attitude later," he called over to him, waving his hand in the air in a dismissive gesture. Better get his behavioral issues out in the open now. Nothing to hide.

Yeah. Stellan has been told he has an attitude before. Mostly by his tutors growing up or his father, but he knew that he could get a little... heated. No one liked debating with him. He couldn't blame them. He was working on not getting set off by little things so much. Nothing was working thus far, but he was trying. Sorta. Deciding to pour himself another drink, almost absentminded doing so, he asked, "It looks like you spend a lot of time in the library. What's your favorite book?" Before taking a sip and setting his glass down.