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I did not have the energy or inclination to enjoy Ushas disapproval, so I simply nodded and led the way towards the linking shrine. Every part of my wanted to stop and say something to Aiyana and Ajax, but I knew no words would come. Luckily I passed Fenrir and paused him for a moment, handing him my hammer in its miniature form. "Pass this to my son. Tell him I will reclaim it when I am fit to be his father." Fenrir nodded and spoke quietly/ "And for Aiyana?" My fingers traced round the obsidian ring on my finger making me smile slight at the thought of her. "I will claim my wife when I am a better man." I patted his shoulder and carried onwards directly to the shrine.

Once at the shrine I stepped onto its main platform and gripped the outer edges of the frame and with a grunt and a heave rotated it. Runes around its perimeter that originally looked static and part of the permanent design moved with me until it stopped in a completely new position. The touch runes at the center had changed as well, offering up a completely new series of possible combinations. It took a moment to remember the correct combination but soon enough the shrine sprung to life in familiar fashion. I took a couple of steps back and rested a hand on the hilt of one of my greatswords. "If the sun is not high in the sky, ask no questions and do NOT attempt to fight what we will see. Stay close and move fast." Sabrina had changed in to more suitable clothing for the journey, leaving her usual regal dresses and clothes for more practical leathers and light cloth. A silent hope passed soundlessly over my lips that it was morning when we arrived and I stepped through the portal. Gripping my sword tight and closing my eyes even tighter until I felt solid earth beneath me again.

The sun was low in the sky, dangerously low. We had but a few minutes to to reach shelter. "MOVE!" I did not stop and turn to make sure they followed, I knew Sabrina would remain close regardless so I rushed forward. My footfalls rumbling the ground slightly as we sprinted through a dense thicket into a cramped forest. I knew we had to reach pastures or at the very least free ourselves from this wood before the shadows became too dark and the demons would brave the surface again.