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located in The Republic, a part of The Gilded, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Stop Canan’s mind whined pitifully. She could feel those eyes on her, not Master’s of course. She kept her head dipped down, straight bangs covering her eyes as she tried to focus on the flower crown she was weaving, hoping to ignore it but knowing the Patrician would only come over if she pleased anyway. She was some media mogul, those ones were always the most entitled. Her fingers twitched a little as she brushed her thumb over the pale yellow rose petals, unable to help herself as she lifted her head, eyes lighting up at the sight of Silas looking back at her.

In the short little window they looked to one another, her gently rounded brows furrowed as she pouted just the smallest bit. She didn’t want anyone coming over and treating themself to her. As quickly as he looked over, he was back to speaking and she was back to her work, little bare toes wiggling into the plush grass.

It took Canan a few moments to even realize she had finished working when she blinked back to reality, coincidentally standing the moment she heard footsteps approaching. With a little hop in her step, she tiptoed over to her Master, skinny little fingers curling in his sleeve and tugging gently, holding the crown up and silently presenting it to him.